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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Worldwide Quilting Day

In honor of Worldwide Quilting day, I can't think of anything more appropriate to talk about than what excites me the most... 
the upcoming

If your a row by row junkie, like I am, I'm sure you have
seen that they announced the new theme for 2016.
 "Home Sweet Home"
There's a cute video of the announcement

Did you also know that on Facebook, you can
go to your search bar and type in your state, as well as Canada,
along with Row by Row Experience and it will bring up
 a specific page just for you!

In Colorado, we have a lot of new shops
 joining in on the fun this year.

I've spent a few days snooping...but no sneaky peeks...
...what I did stumble on, by doing a Google search
are the new fabrics that Timeless Treasures 
came up with, for this year. 

AND, I found them available
 And, best yet...
on sale at Hancocks of Padacuh.
Oh, did I hear angels singing. 
All while my credit card was weeping!

Check it out

Below is their Fat Quarter pack.
They are "sew" much cuter when you see them in person.
Let me show you ...
(you can click on the photos for closer views)

These houses are so stinkin' cute...

I don't know about you...but free 
chocolate and wine at the Quilters Inn is right up my ally!

I just had to show you close up details, of some of them.
Are those door hinges too cute?

Fun brick and cobblestone fabrics

New license plate fabrics.

And this one from last year.
Know how you can tell what year they are????

The selvedge tells it all!
I even love these.
Did you know that Island Batik has 2016 Row By Row fabrics too?
Gorgeous coordinating batiks.
These colors are just incredible.
Check for yourself right

Is your mind spinning with ideas, like mine?
I see adorable wall quilts. New valances in my sewing room, machine covers, pin cushions, loads of accessories...

Now, I may or may not
 have had a little hand, in a wee part of the fun this year.
But, I spoke with our state co-coordinator last week and her word is final...
Nothing can be shown till June 21st.
That's like...2 months away.
Yes, seems like an eternity...
What can we do, but wait?
Happy Worldwide Quilt day to all!

I just found more of the Row by Row fabrics
at B-Right-On quilt shop in Brighton Colorado.
If your lucky enough to live close, all their fabrics are on sale
for $8 a yard til the end of April. 
Whoo hoo!
(not including extra wide backs and minke)




  1. These fabrics for the Row by Row are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

  2. Wow! I love the rich colors and details. So nice.

  3. I love the row by row experience. Many hours have been wasted exploring different states on Facebook.I am lucky to live near many participating shops. Now if only we had a place to trade with quilter's across the nation. That would be almost as much fun as that fabric you found. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are a couple pages on facebook that you can trade plates and row kits with. It was quite successful last year....

  4. It looks like the prices at Hancocks are about the same price as they are on eBay.. I bought them from my favorite sellers yesterday for the exact same prices.. I love the new fabrics for the rows. I had the privilege to re-draw their 2016 rbr in EQ for one of the shops and that was pretty darn cool, I was honored to be part of it in that small way.

  5. You sure do like leading us all astray!! They are all gorgeous fabrics. I will watch all the excitement from afar this year!


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