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Sunday, May 15, 2016

2016 Row by Row Experience

I've talked about it recently,
but when I walked into the shop and saw this...

All those "pieces and parts" cut and ready to be packaged.

It made it "seam" real!

It's only a little over a month away.
Whoo hoo!

My favorite shop even has their own license plate this year...

...just like this Facebook post shows!

I've talked about them before, but I want to mention again, that this shop is the greatest!  There are zillions of bolts of fabrics. So many that they won't all fit on the shelves.
It's a quilters bonanza...
PSSST: I've heard rumor that their $8 a yard prices 
(not including Minke or extra wide back backing)
will remain until they move into their new location next May.
Yes, that's another year of dynamite prices.
If a road trip is in your future, this is the place to trip to!
Did I mention that, that price includes all their batiks?
They have a ton of em, too!

As for me...I have no affiliation.
I just know great prices and great owners, when I see em!
...and they let me talk them into designing their row this year.
Oh, but I'm not biased!
tee hee

Let me know if your planning a trip this way, 
I'd love to meet you up there!

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Oh Joan, I'd love a road trip to CO soon! It's not going to happen this year. My 39 year old son moved back in with me at the end of last year. Then the mother of his 2 year old daughter ended up in jail. The other grandmother didn't let my son know for 10 days. He's trying to get full custody of the little girl. The last time he went to get the little girl from a grandma visit, she refused to return the little girl. So, my son, with court order in hand, called the police. She was on the run and wouldn't answer the cop's calls. So he asked my son to text grandma and tell her that the cops wanted to talk to her. Then she answered the next call. Threatened with kidnapping and an amber alert, she still refused to return my granddaughter. I was home (50 miles from him) watching TV concerned there might be an Amber alert. Then the other grandma decided she would return her because she didn't want to go to jail, too. Both were devastated - grandma and my granddaughter. So, now she's a flight risk. The mom got out of jail before the last court hearing and agreed to everything my son was asking. She said she's going to fight for her. In the month since jail, she has called twice and not seen her at all. Of course, to see her, she has to come to Tulsa for supervised visitation at her cost and around my son's work schedule. He works Sat, Sun, and Mon from 5:30 AM until usually 5 PM. He has an hour drive each way, too. Then he works from 4:30 until ?? T and Th delivering pizza. So, I have her all the time by myself. I have fibromyalgia and somedays I can barely take care of myself. I need adult contact. So, you see why I haven't touched a quilt in over 2 years. I did some Christmas pageant sewing for church and broke all my machines. One is in the hospital now. I think I'm going to try to cross stitch after everyone else goes to bed. Oh yeah, as of Friday we have my son's 10 year old grandson for the entire summer. He is a delight. I can play a couple of games of cards with him after the house quietens and then let him play on my computer. Last night he didn't want to sleep upstairs in his bedroom. He wanted to sleep downstairs in the living room with me. I try to see friends one night a week for dinner and UNO and that didn't happen last week. Also, I had repair work on my lumpectomy 5/6 and a biopsy (only way to detect cancer due to the radiation). Praise God, I am cancer free. I didn't realize how concerned the surgeon was. Congrats on designing the Row by Row. Luckily the shop owners recognize and reward talent when seen. I expect to see more of them from you. Blessings to you my friend. It's been a long time since we communicated.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful shop. I will have to look it up next time we drive through CO.

  3. Love your design. Since we are many miles away, will it be available to purchase thru the mail once the row by row is over?

  4. And you say you're not a designer!!! I'll need your autograph next time we meet:)

  5. It is so exciting to see your row by row turning into reality. How exciting will it be when people start making them!!!!


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