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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Retreat Reflections 2016

It's been almost a week that I've been back from the New York quilt retreat. I've been looking thru photos and reflecting today....

The best darn retreat organizer on the planet.
This girl thought of everything, and I do mean everything.
From supplies we might need to games and prizes, 
even change so we all had tip money throughout the week.


For some strange reason, they thought I would be the ringer
who knew all the answers...
Ha, you can see that was not the case!
But I did manage to come out of the week, with some great prizes.

Lots of quick little one page patterns that are perfect for retreat projects!

Sharon also provided us all with these "retreat survival bags"
Socks, slippers, snacks, puzzles...
The hair elastics are for our spools of thread and bobbins.
Boy, do they keep your loose threads in check!

OK, not everyone got the memo, on their use!
I can still hear her asking, if we thought she was pretty!

We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites just outside the Elmira
airport for the week. We had a meeting room to stitch our hearts away in.
It was a little small, but fine for the 4 of us.

Projects, projects, projects...

This was a mystery project for us.
It's from FreeMotion by the River's blog
You can find it right 

This is what happens when the "teacher" doesn't bring all her strips with her!   LOL!!
Great way to "save" the project though.

I have to laugh to see that with the exception of Mary, we all did a 
great job of hiding behind our projects.
Shame on us!

Sunflowers are from Pie Plate Patterns

I shared a little "ultimate" scrap busting.

A week worth of stitching with friends...

...yielded some fabulous projects!
Too many to share in one post.

If the week couldn't have been better, I got the greatest gifts from the girls.

Could they have pegged me any better?

Ann, who couldn't join us this year, stopped in to visit and bring gifts!
We missed her so much during the week.

Mary knit these socks for me, after my drooling over the ones
she was working on last year!

Gail made us all thread pretties. These pop onto the spool pin on your machine to dress things up a bit. 
Whew, those are little stitches and oh so cute.

Yep, they are the greatest!
I wish there were not so many miles between us.
Once a year is just not enough.

There's lots more to share, but that's for another day.
Keep on Stitchin!


  1. fun fun! so just the 4 of you? I want to plan/attend a retreat some day.... actually I could totally have it at my house, I'd easily fit 4 people at my table, just a matter if the circuit board could take it! There's some cute b&B's near us too.

  2. If I had knows you were in Elmira, I would have come visit! Looks like a grand time.

  3. This does look like an amazing time. I love the way that you won't let a few miles apart get in the way of getting together for a good time.


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