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Friday, June 24, 2016

Let the Fun Begin

Or should I say...
The fun has begun!

Monday was the first day of this year's "Home Sweet Home" experience!

Yes,  I was on the road bright and early to start my collecting.

Of course we had to go to B-Right-On for the first stop.

If I hadn't got stuck behind a semi that took 2 lights to get thru the intersection, we'd have been the first ones in the shop...
but Deb beat us to the punch. She texted us that she got her hands on the very first kit!  LOL!!

Just minutes behind her were these silly girls, who insisted I autograph their patterns!

I've talked about B-Right-On before, but I've never shared photos of this wonderful shop. 
It's a converted transmission shop that has such character.

There are miles and miles of fabrics.

They have a full line of Accuquilt Go supplies

Loads of panel prints
Notions galore

And many many machines of your dreams!
Yep, I dream every time I walk in the door.

When I tell you they have miles of fabrics...
it's more than any shop in this state.
There's so much that it doesn't fit on the shelves and you find boxes of hidden surprises thru out the store.
Best yet...it's all $8 a yard.  All the latest, top quilt shop quality fabrics.
Even the Row by Row fabrics, and those yummy batiks.
While they have a HUGE inventory of fabrics...
it blows out the doors at warp speed.
Every time I go in, it's all brand new again.
I just love this place!
It's a must for any road trip.

Keep in Stitchin...
and collecting!


  1. It is going to be so exciting to see your design going all over the country - and even across the sea!!! Congratulations!!
    And thank you for the photos of the quilt store. I can see that I would have trouble going home from it.

  2. Wow...that looks like an amazing store. Glad you made it there even if you weren't the first one there. I'm happy for the Row by Row to begin again.

  3. Oh my gosh! What a fabulous store! Now that is definitely on the list to visit when hubby & I come to CO in September! Thank you so much for sharing & have fun collecting those kits... One day we will manage to be Stateside at this time of the year! Helen (drooling in Scotland lol)

  4. I just picked up my first row kit on Saturday from Quilted Works...fun! That store is amazing!


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