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Monday, June 13, 2016

Modern Batik Challenge with Island Batik

June's the month that the Island Batik Ambassadors
 are showing off their skills, with a Modern Theme.

Modern quilts are new to me, so I spent lots of time 
looking at things on Pinterest.
Then that light bulb moment...

Those of you who know me, know that I am a "fabric-a-holic"!
I prefer "that" term, over "crazy hoarder"!
I keep every scrap of my Island Batiks in a giant Ziploc bag.
You just never know when you'll need...
Tell me I'm not the only one with this sickness!

I sat down and started piecing all those tiny pieces, 
even drawing up a few flying geese to go along!

Here's the results...
My "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" quilt ended up at 24"x30".
Oh, I've learned a lot thru this process.

Far from perfect, but the wonky-ness,
 seems to lend a bit of interest to the design.

That's my politically correct way of saying...
Oh boy, do I need more practice with straight lines!

But, do these straight lines give you fabulous tactile texture.
(If your wondering just why I keep feeling up my quiltie)
tee hee hee

As you can see, I machine quilted it. I know that most Modern quilts are 
hand quilted...but lets face it, I'm not going to live long enough to do that!

I've got this on my dining room table right now.
It sure brightens up the room!

You'll find sleeves on most of my projects.
It gives me the flexibility to hang them, if I choose.

Lastly, I just couldn't help but recycle that
fabulous "Island Batik" ribbon.
Yep...they just keep me coming back to their incredible batiks!
Check them out for yourself.

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. It's fabulous! I need to get quilting mine!

  2. LOL I use the politically correct the same way you do.....like " I just love the organic feel of the quilting" (crooked) :) Lovely piece

  3. Love this! Straight line quilting is the way to go for lots of modern quilting! Absolutely love the bright batiks!

  4. I just love this!! It's organic quilting which is really acceptable on modern.

  5. It's lovely! I, too, struggle with "modern quilting" but I think you nailed it.

  6. That is gorgeous. I love the lined quilting too.

  7. I love it -- absolutely gorgeous. Is the pattern available?

  8. Great result! You get to use up your fabric collection AND you end up with a lovely quilt! I like your take on modern design. That could be a pattern!!?

  9. Beautiful Joan and like you......I save every single little scrap of my Island Batik fabrics for projects!

  10. You have entered the Modern Quilt Era. That is a great quilt with colors. Straight lines do not matter lines are never straight (o.k. sometimes) put this is your quilt and the lines can go any way they want. I just love that you jumped into this project.

  11. Awesome! I need to dig thru my scraps think too.... though I do have a project in mind when I get home.

  12. Loving what you made.So colorful and the quilting is great. I really like to do line quilting on any of the quilts I make. Enjoy reading your blog.

  13. Loving what you made.So colorful and the quilting is great. I really like to do line quilting on any of the quilts I make. Enjoy reading your blog.

  14. Love your quilt!! I don't think many modern quilts are hand quilted...I've never seen one (except maybe from Japan)!!! Your quilting is perfect for the quilt!!!

  15. Oh it is just wonderful...nice job

  16. I love kitchen sink quilts. I prefer slightly wonky "straight" lines. It gives the quilt interest. Did you stop the straight lines before the bright block section? If so, I like it. Great job!

  17. Awesome Quilt in gorgeous colors of Island Batik fabrics. It looks wonderfully modern and the straight-line quilting is just right. Happy Island Batik Ambassadoring...


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