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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Time to Refurbish

Have you ever been caught in that time warp...where it's long past the time, things should have been taken care of?

I sure have! I've worked on the yard so much...

that I didn't realize just how bad my patio cushions looked.
They are ancient...but just how did I not see the shambles they are in?

Give me a 60% off "sale" at JoAnn's Fabrics and a coupon for an additional 20% more...
and my Memorial Day weekend was cut out for me.

I started out, by taking a cover apart.
It was pretty darn easy and you can tell why!

That "ewwwwwe" factor just keeps on coming, doesn't it?
But I needed the pieces to make a pattern for the new covers.

It's not a "fun" job...so I sprung for the good stuff.
Outdoor thread that's treated for UV rays, etc. 
With the weather and abuse outdoor furniture takes, it's worth the investment. Oh and they were "BOGO" this weekend too!

A couple of days later and things started looking up!

Yep, now it's just time to wash down the deck!

Does it really ever end?

Bottom line...6 chair cushions at Lowes... $300.
My cost to recover...$100.
My receipt said that I saved $190.13.
Hummmm...I can live with that!

Back to the garden center...
I think summer is here!

Keep on Stitchin'
make that plantin'


  1. I need to do something with mine too. You did a great job on them. How did you stitch that fold seam with all of the bulk in your harp?

  2. Great savings and they look amazing My covers are still hanging in there, thank goodness!

  3. Fantastic end result - both the look and the savings!!! Great fabric and such a fresh, clean look. And it appears that everything is greening up very nicely at your place!

  4. What a difference a weekend makes. Such a fresh, summery look. When's the celebratory cook out?

  5. Love the cushions, and that savings is pretty darn amazing, and I'd be willing to bet those 300.00 cushions at Lowes would not have been anywhere near the same quality either. :)

  6. Time to sit and enjoy those lovely cushions! I love that planter...how cool is that.


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