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Friday, August 19, 2016

Row by Row Madness

Oh for heavens sake...
this just has to stop.

3 day trips and a 2-day road trip in the past week...
This is my haul, just from the road trip!

I must say, road trippin' is fun and a great way to see the state.
I'm one who goes else where for vacation, so I tend to forget
whats in my own back yard.

I've lived here over 50 years and never gone over Red Mountain Pass

Spectacular views 

And lots of mining history

All from days gone by.

We went thru Canon City, Salida, Alamosa, Monte Vista, Durango,
Montrose, Delta, Grand Junction, and Glenwood Springs, just for rows!

It was an added bonus to get to have lunch with some of our favorite Alaska munchkins, in Montrose!

They are a mighty long way from home!

We hit the peak of peach season, 
so we took a little diversion to Palisade!
Oh my gosh, they are delicious.

Nothing beats a road trip like breaking down just feet from the summit of  Wolf Creek Pass. Add in two people that know nothing about cars!
Yikes. Thank goodness we had a lot of bottled water.
Seems like the radiator ran dry. 
Have no idea how, but once it cooled off, we were able to fill it
and get into the next town for antifreeze/coolant.
We were very fortunate to find a wonderful honest Firestone repair 
shop in Durango, that did a pressure test on the cooling system and gave us the OK to drive back to Denver.
We had no further problems and they didn't try to sell us anything.
Best less than $28 we ever spent!
 Thanks Firestone, you brought our stress
 level down to nothing! 

Take a look at this row from Salida.
Is that gorgeous?
I can hardly wait to get started on it.

Yep, a good time was had by all!
Now back to work


  1. You are fortunate to live in a very beautiful state. Lucky to find a reputable/honest repair shop anymore. Love the row it is very different from many I have seen.

  2. More wonderful rows and glad you had a safe travel.

  3. Great photos of your beautiful state! The row from Salida is amazing.

  4. Great photos of your beautiful state! The row from Salida is amazing.

  5. You are finding the best rows! I need to get further out, I guess. . .

  6. I don't think anything can be better than your Alaska rows, but am looking forward to seeing these made!!

  7. I think Colorado has some of the very best rows (along with Alaska, New Mexico and AZ!) do you live in Denver?? What happened to the International Quilt show I used to go to in Denver, seams to have disappeared!

  8. I love love love that Salida row.. one of the best of the year imho.. Colorado does have some amazing rows, not only this year, but last year too and I didn't even like the theme last year.. To many fish for me :) I do like the dolphins and whales tho and the mermaids.. I'm glad you had a hassle free trip and kudos to Firestone.. I'll be watching for your finished row. :)

  9. Those are some of our favorite places for a road trip - especially that Glenwood Springs canyon area. Those are some pretty cute munchkins you met up with on the way.

  10. I do love your approach to this trip. You get to collect rows and you can be a tourist at the same time. You are right - we do often forget what is in our own backyard!! Love the scenery.I would think catching up with those munchkins well and truly made up for the break down. And the peaches are a real bonus.
    I see what you mean about the Salida row. Love the feathers!!!
    Does this mean you have to stay home for a few days now???

  11. Oh that row is gorgeous! I wish I could get that pattern too...!


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