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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rowing Along

More Alaska Rows

This row came from Bearly Threaded Quilting, in Soldotna AK.
Soldotna is on the Kenai Penninsula. It's a destination vacation for fisherman for sure!
And the home of my all time favorite...
The Moose is Loose

Need I say more!

There's just no place like Homer.

You see the craziest things in Homer

I love this wood sided RV

Everyone knows the Salty Dawg.
It's an old lighthouse converted into a bar.
Money is pinned to all the walls.
Legend has it the sailors would write their names on the bills and leave them on the walls so they could always come back for a beer when they were down on their luck.

Now that's got me thinking about us quilters!

Wonder if that would work in a quilt shop????


Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I really love the first row. It's gorgeous!!

  2. What great rows! Although I want to support local shops I am not happy with many of our local patterns, yours are so much more fun! :)

  3. Not only is Alaska one of the most picturesque state, but their row by rows are the best!


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