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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bountiful Table Toppers with Island Batik

New month, new challenge.
Oh how I love these Island Batik projects.

Bountiful Table Toppers sure gets my attention.

I do love changing out my table topper.
It's aways fun to have a new one, when quilt club is at my house.
This time there were a couple who threatened to take it and run!

I've been inspired for some time with Sharon Vroomans
"Lets Book it"

She encourages us to dust off those books 
and make a project from em.
Heavens knows that I have enough books to sink a ship.
A very large part of them haven't even been opened yet.
Shame on me!

No better time than now.

A few years back, I won this book from Gudrun.
There are so many wonderful toppers in this book.
I'm really not sure just why they didn't manage to get made up, til now.

Right away this "Sassy Blooms" runner caught my attention.

I knew that it my stash of "Island Batik" fabrics,
 was going to be perfect for this!

I used an assortment of fabrics from different lines.
There is a little Lavish in there, Tide Pools, 
some Hollywood Hills, Country Fair.
Oh they all, just play so nicely together.
Best yet, I consider this a bonus project.
All from scraps of past projects.

While the blooms on the original pattern are cute, 
I wanted the chance to use my new
GO die, that I got for my birthday.

It was the perfect size....

These owls just make me happy!

Have you seen what you can do with this die?
Do you see a bunny, raccoon, mouse, frog, pig,
koala, cow or a squirrel here?
If not, you need to check em out right 

All from this one amazing die.
I can hardly wait to get the rest of these critters done!
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Great idea--I might spend a day looking through all my books for a pattern, since I get distracted with all the ideas they hold

  2. I'd want to take it and run, too! I love your table runner for the fabric colours and those cute owls! Pefect!

  3. your owls are sew cute! i love this die too

  4. Your table topper is so adorable. I love it!

  5. Adorable! That's one die I don't have yet.

  6. Adorable! That's one die I don't have yet.

  7. It is a lovely table topper and the owl is too cute! Love the colours in the fabrics you selected. Yes, it is better not to talk about all the books collected on the shelves

  8. Joan, it is adorable! Love the colors, the owls and the quilting detail.


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