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Sunday, September 11, 2016

We Will Never Forget

There are few words that can convey our feelings on this day.

Oh, the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives.

Oh, the loss of security that we felt as a nation.

I remember all too well, working at the airport in Denver on that day.
Watching the sky fill with planes preparing to land.
Planes that had never stopped at our airport before.
It was surreal watching the skies turn dark with planes,
 lined up trying to get on the ground. 
Almost was like watching a flock of birds migrate.
The confused and shaken passengers, deplaning in a strange city.
 The look of fear on the crews faces.

Yes, it's a day that's seared in my memory forever.
We were all the lucky ones. 
Shaken, but here to remember.

For those in the twin towers...
We always will remember you.



  1. It was a horrible day and I will never forget either.

  2. Such a sad day indeed, I just read online that this is the first year of freshmen in highschool (my son included) who will be taught this event as HISTORY as they weren't born yet... Sure enough it was right after this that we realized we'd better get to it and start having kids ;) and he was born in August 2002


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