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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wedding Memories

It's been  over 5 years in the making...
but we've finally managed to get this wedding memory quilt done.

My gift to the couple was to make them a memory quilt.
We had to wait for photos to come back.
Then for the selection of photos to use.
Fast forward 3 1/2 years and I got the ones she wanted to use.
Then it sits in my sewing room, buried under other projects for almost 2 years. Shame on me.....

I double batted the photos.
Nothing is more stressful than trimming the excess batting.
Even with the duckbill scissors, I sweated cutting thru the front every second. Thankfully there were no accidents!

But I do love the added dimension it give a project.
Those photos just pop off the top.

 It's just as fun looking at the back.
I used what I call "organic" quilting.
Simple and not to detract from the focus of the quilt.

The quilt label is a scan of the program for the ceremony.
It has the date and the names off all the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents and grandparents.
Everything you need to remember the day.

It's now finished and delivered.
I was not going to come down for one more balloon fiesta
without that quilt in hand!

An added bonus, was that I had just enough fabric and left over,
to make a little wall hanging for her mom.
A mini replica so to speak.

5+ years and 2 kids later, and you guys have your wedding quilt.
As for me...
I'm walking the walk of shame.

Congrats on your beautiful family.
You two, really know how to do it right!

I've done plenty of photo transfers on fabric.
This was the first time I've used the Softscrap 
Inkjet Printable fabric. I don't like a lot of negativity on my blog,
but I must say, I was NOT impressed with this product.
Here's why

Here are the photos after printing.
They look great.

Here is what happened when I rinsed it, 
after waiting 30 minutes for the ink to dry.
The directions say to wait for 15 minutes.

It also says that in some humid environments
 it's best to wait 4-5 hours.
I live in a very dry climate. 
We had 0% humidity the day I did these.

It did a terrible job of holding the ink.
Sorry Softscrap, but I followed your instructions carefully, with and without the fabric softener method you suggested
and the results were very poor at best.
Enough said.

The bride photo (second from the top) was printed on June Taylor
inkjet fabric. I wish I had done all the photos on this fabric.
Live and learn.

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I am sorry you had a bad experience with that product, especially on a beautiful keepsake like this. But thank you for sharing your experience to help us make informed decisions about products. The quilt is beautiful, the frames, the background fabric. Just gorgeous. I do not think thy will mind the wait. It is well worth it.

  2. Do you have an HP printer? The ink in it is different in them. Wait several days for that ink prior to rinsing. I haven't tried the brand you tried, but I would try others - so far the electric quilt printables have worked okay. The best is to get the appropriate soak from http://www.cjenkinscompany.com and do your own. They used to sell the pretreated fabric but now the company has gone another way. They are the inventers of Bubble Jet Set - they used it to print neckties. Good luck.

  3. That is a beautiful memory quilt. I have only used the June Taylor transfer fabrics, but I always wait several days - even though the directions tell you to wait just minutes. I am sure they loved it and will cherish it for years to come.

  4. I don't do photo transfers - when I need them, I have someone else do them (and they do a fabulous job for me)/ I love the dimension the extra batt gives the photos.

  5. You have created a gorgeous keepsake for this couple. I love the work you did to add dimension to the pictures. It is a beautiful gift.

  6. What a perfect memory of a perfect day!!! Love the trapunto you did with the pictures...fabulous!!!

  7. What a wonderful wedding keepsake. I am sure the couple is thrilled, as would be Mom. The wait was well worth it.

    Think of the fading ink as adding a softness to the colours of the photos on the quilt. Despite your issues, and thank you for warning us, everything looks fabulous. All of your details really make the quilt even more special.

  8. Lovely memory quilt! I know everyone is delighted with their gifts. The double batting in the photos is a great accent.

  9. Lovely memory quilt! I know everyone is delighted with their gifts. The double batting in the photos is a great accent.

  10. At first I thought how vibrant and beautiful the photos were-hard to accomplish. I do see it faded quite a bit in the close ups. I'm sure it will be a treasured heirloom regardless but understand your disappointment. I used to print quilt labels on my HP inkjet and nothing worked for me. Then a blogger wrote that the printer must use pigment ink which mine doesn't. I bought an Epson printer that was listed as using pigment ink when it was on sale. It does a pretty nice job but still not as vibrant and crisp as I wished it would be. I will have to try some of the products others have mentioned. Thanks for sharing all the info-good and bad.

  11. There is no shame in your game --- what a wonderful and beautiful memory quilt! I think your timing is perfect because it comes at just the right time to remind the couple of just how special their decision to marry was. This one will be a family treasure for sure!


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