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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Fresh Snow Blog Hop

If your living anywhere in the United States, you have likely had to deal with plenty of that "white stuff" lately. What a winter this has been.
Record snowfalls and ice storms.

Even the ole car pond was a bit cranky!

There is nothing you can do, but hunker down and make the best of it.
For me it's the perfect time, to do some stitching in my sewing cave!

This blog hop has a bit of a twist to it, as you may have heard.
We have to use something other than your standard quilting cotton 
to make our projects...

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
I've been collecting old jeans for years.
It's about time I got the totes of them out and put them to good use!

A little shopping trip to the clearance aisle in my fabric store...
I find this, what I call "Mystery" fabric.
Since it was half price and a remnant, I wasn't going to be out much if it didn't work, so I brought it home serged the edges, washed it in hot water and thru it in the dryer. It came out looking just like it did when I put it in the washer.
 I'm not too sure just why the
Professional Cleaning Recommendation...
but then, what do I know!

With a theme like Fresh Snow...
This guy was a given!

I haven't made a raggy quilt in a very long time.
A layer of flannel in between the top and bottom adds 
warmth and makes it"bloom" so nicely when it's washed.
Flannel on the back give you that extra snuggle effect, 
we all love in the winter.

The boys do look  happy don't they?

If you haven't ever made a denim quilt, they are wonderfully warm.
They wash up like a dream, and are heavy as heck.
My arms were sure tired by the time I got this all put together.
But it was well worth it when the temperatures dip down so low.
I am snug as a bug in a rug...
...watching TV at night, under my new quilt!

If I can fight it away from the "Queen of the Castle", that is.
Sharing is not her stong suit!

Now there is a little lesson I learned through this process.
That wonderful mystery fabric, does NOT like to be ironed.
Don't ask me how I know, it's a nightmare I would rather forget.
Use an applique pressing sheet when in doubt
and ask questions later!
Trust me, you will thank me for this some day.

Now for a couple of give aways.

Want a new project to do?
I've got a give away, also.
My BFF cleaned out her sewing room and 
has given me lots of fun patterns to share.
This bundle will go to one of you lucky readers.

I will pick the winner on Saturday, Jan 28th.
Marian will select the wooly block kit winners, at the end of the hop.

A big Thanks for Marian for making us think outside the box.
She works so hard to keep us in "stitches"

Be sure you check out my fellow bloggers and see just what snowy creations they have come up with for you!

You know, I just have to share...

I found these when going thru that tub of jeans.
They are probably size 3-T.
My boys are in their mid 30's now.
OMG, I really need to clean out some stuff!

Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Love your snowmen!! And the clipped denim between is great.
    Are those Daisey Duke shorts?lol

  2. Omg Joan, you are the queen of creativity! It's so good to use different mediums used on projects we love. I like the different foods available during winter

  3. Your denim snowman quilt is fabulous!! What a great idea! Thanks for the extra giveaway too.

  4. Your snowman quilt looks amazing!! I love it!

  5. Beautiful. I love raggedy quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  6. As I live on the Prairies of Canada where Winter can seem awfully long, my favourite part is when we get the warm chinook days in mid-Jan and everything starts to melt. It usually only lasts a day or two, but renews your faith that spring and green will arrive one day. lol. Thanks for sharing

  7. Love the quilt Joan. It is really adorable with the snowmen.
    I live in the South so snow is a treat for us. We very seldom get anything but a dusting. A couple of weeks ago the newsmen kept saying we were in for a lot of snow.Two days before we were to get it schools had already announced their closings as well as some businesses.People were buying their kids sleds. The machines were all lined up to salt the roads. We were expecting to get around 6 inches. Can you imagine how excited we were? But alas, we barely got a little over an inch. Disappointing? Yes, but better than nothing.LOL
    Thank you for sharing today and for your giveaway.

  8. What a cute project!!! I love the snowmen and that you used "other" fabrics to create a quilt.

  9. My favorite part of winter? Everything! I love the snow, the cold, the shorter days. Taking a walk thru the winter woods on a mountainside, covered in snow, with no roads around, no sounds but the crunching of boots in the snow, that is my idea of heaven. It recharges and refreshes my soul.

  10. The icicles that form around the edges of the houses and extend down! So beautiful....
    The trees look gorgeous covered in snow too. I am so delighted to live in Utah too.

  11. I bet your snowman quilt is nice and warm. And the cat always get's first pick of places to lay. Didn't you get that memo? May I refer you to my post today? Pretty kitty. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love your quilt-great snowmen and a nice way to use jean material. It makes for a wonderfully warm quilt. My favorite part of winter is drinking hot chocolate by the fire.

  13. i love your snowmen, so cute and very creative.

  14. I think it is awesome that you still have jean pockets from your boys that are that old--
    shows you how sturdy denim is!!!
    My favorite part of winter--here in Florida is--the fact that I can still sit in the sun down on the deck and be nice and warm--and pray for my friends in NY who are cold and in snow today--and the fact that I don't have shovel!!( though I miss my friends)
    enjoy the moments, di

  15. Holy Crap, I love that snowman quilt.. I wondered what you did with denim when you mentioned you were going to use it and now I know.. I love it, so fun and creative and different techniques to boot, combining the ragginess of the rag quilt technique with the denim just really gives it a perfect touch.. Of course, my favorite part of your backyard is always seeing the pond, so it was cool to see it frozen over... that car always gets me smilin.. dunno why it just does. Hugs...

  16. Favorite part of winter... when it's just barely snowed and white everywhere... there is just nothing like the beauty of it.

  17. wow your denim quilt is wonderful. LOL I have a bucket of jeans also. Need to use them. I love the Tonka truck jeans. what a cute skirt that would make. For Christmas my husband got me a ruler to use on denim. :) Now I have no excuse !!

  18. The denim quilt looks so soft - it must take a while to get such soft jeans - my son's are so stiff after washing!

  19. We have had an unusually snowy and cold winter for us. Now we seem to be back to normal. I hope it lasts as -10 Celsius with snow is really rude in the Pacific Northwest.

    Wow, that quilt turned out great. Those snowmen seem pretty happy keeping each other and you warm, and the kitty of course. :)

    How nice of your friend to share patterns with you and us. Thank you to that BFF.

  20. Those snowmen are just darling. We saw more snow than I wanted this past weekend so I am happy to be home from it.

    Love the jean embroidery!

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  22. Love both of your projects-living in south Mississippi, no snow, well, hardly ever, its just nice to enjoy the cooler weather after our oppressive heat! Thank you for the giveaway, Susan

  23. That is a really cute snowman quilt, thanks for sharing!

  24. Wonderful use of denim and perfect fabric for the snowmen, Joan. Great for Colorado!! Probably too warm and heavy for my area of AZ......

  25. I laughed when you showed the pockets and told how old your sons are. LOL That's great. We've been making emergency quilts in case we lose electricity in the winter. My friends are all done, and now it's my turn with the leftover jeans. On her daughters, she used pockets and embroidered parts from the legs, and it is just darling! These would be so cute in a pocket wallhanging - made like an advent calendar, maybe, so you could put things in the pockets. I love denim and flannel together, and your snowman quilt is adorable as well as warm looking! Thanks for more denim inspiration!

  26. And ha, my favorite part of winter is when it's over!

  27. Your denim snowmen are sooo cute. Thanks for sharing. raydeer@memlane.com

    1. Oops, Lol, I didn't answer the question about my favorite part of winter, hmm, when it's over? Lol It is a really good time to quilt.

  28. Thanks for sharing your denim quilt. I have several totes full of jeans waiting for a project that never seems to come. This is a great inspiration.

  29. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now and you never disappoint, your imagination is awesome!!! This snowman/jeans quilt is perfect as is your sewing and quilting. My favorite part of winter is when I can stay in and sew. Thank you for such a great show-n-tell!

  30. Oh what a Happy SNEW Day you had! My favourite part of winter is about November, when I bring out all my snowman decorations and quilts. I've been wanting to make a snowman quilt for several years, and with yours, you may have just inspired me that it is time to get at it! :)

  31. I love winter because it gives me lots of sewing time...and watching my grandson play in the snow. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  32. I love your project! I always love your projects!! The combination of chenille and denim is purrrfect ... as smart kitty knows. Thank you for sharing ... :-) Pat

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  34. I love the snowman rag quilt. Always fun to use new fabrics in quilts. Thanks for sharing. My favorite part of winter is when it is unseasonable warm with no snow.

  35. I have never made a rag quilt, but your snowman quilt looks perfect for winter snuggling! I love the heavy snow days when the snow blankets everything and turns the landscape into a quiet, serene winter wonderland. And, of course, I can snuggle with a quilt, a hot cup, and a novel!

  36. Fabulous! I love it! Beth at Words & Stitches.

  37. My favorite part of winter is when there is fresh snow on the ground.we haven't had a lot of that this season.
    Love your denim snowman quilt!

  38. What a great quilt, Kitty approved.

  39. I wish I had your imagination! Love the snowman quilt, and that crazy car pond, too. Not so crazy about the ICE, though...

  40. My favorite part of winter is THE END of it!

  41. The snow man rag quilt is adorable! Great saving the jeans! Way to go! My favorite part of winter is snuggling in deep. But I like to do it in the summer time with the air conditioner on also! So I guess I like the foods!

  42. Cute snowmen! Lots of good ideas to cut up old worn jeans from three little boys!

  43. I think my favourite part of winter is when it's over! LOL. I also like snowfalls that make the landscape pretty, but viewed from inside. You've inspired me to look for mystery fabric for my snowmen. I can't seem to find white wool to felt in my local fabric stores.

  44. love your snowman quilt and the jean and rag look nice job

  45. So cute, Joan!! Just love the snowmen. I have some jeans that I am going to work on a project with really soon. Can't wait after seeing your cute quilt.

  46. What a cute snowman Joan and isn't it fun sometime to work with mystery fabric!


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