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Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm here...

I have no idea where the time has gone, but I'm here...
Here with lots of things coming up that I can't share just yet!

After a long week of getting ready for things to come...
I pulled out my Bonnie Hunter Mystery again.
It was a nice change of pace to sit down and to some chain piecing.
You know, the petal to the metal kind of thing!

Now, for what's to come.
I'm super excited to announce that I have been selected again this year, 
as an Island Batik Ambassador. I liked to jump for joy, when I got the email the other day!  Yay, another year of fabric and fun challenges with my fellow ambassadors!

This next week my post for the "Fresh Snow" blog hop, 
at "Seams to be Sew", goes up.

The following week my post for "New Beginnings" blog hop 
with "Island Batik" goes up...

Then the week after that, I'm a guest blogger at "Tamarinis"
There will be a little surprise on my blog to coincide!

Then there is the "Sun Sand and Sea" Quilt along over at
Sew Incredibly Crazy. That one starts next month.

And I've just signed on for an online row by row this fall...
It's just too soon to share that info with you, but it's gonna be different from past row by rows and loads of fun. Stay tuned!

Lets just say, I've been busy and loving every minute of it all.

My biggest challenge is yet to come...
My oldest bought a new place and will be moving next month.
Yikes! It's amazing just how much you manage to collect...
I spent yesterday starting the packing process.
I don't think they even make enough boxes, to accomplish this move.
And just what do you do with all these boxes until moving happens!
It's not like the household isn't a huge job, but there are car parts galore!
Boys and their toys!
Fabric is "sew" much easier to pack!
Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I have the same thing, lots of secret things I can't show but I have a bit for next week...

  2. Busy, busy,busy, I don't know how you do it all. and so well on top of that. I have not been around since Nov. started work again. UGG! but good news is shop finally sold, so finances will be better and maybe I can cut back to a couple of days. And start sewing and blogging again. Have not been on line at all, you would not believe all the email and stuff I have piled up. I'm so looking forward to what you will be sharing with us. Hope your energy holds out with the packing.

  3. Have you allocated any time to sleeping over the next few months? It doesn't sound like it!
    I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful projects you have made for all these up coming events. And well done on being a batik ambassador again. Loads of fun.
    Good luck with the packing, too. Yes, I found our last move almost needed a truck the same size for all that was in the shed and garage as we did for the house.

  4. Joan you are busy, busy, busy!!! Congrats on another year as a Island Batik ambassador, your work is always so beautiful that it was no surprise you were picked. Okay......your oldest is moving out....lots is going along.....think of all the room you will have for fabric!

  5. Congrats on being an Island Batik Ambassador again. Can't wait to see all of the upcoming things you are into.


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