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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Galentines Day with Island Batik

It's true...it's a real fictional holiday, just for us girls!

I must admit when Island Batik email with this challenge, I was sure it was a typo!   But after searching the Internet, I find they were much more on top of "current events" than I am!   LOL!!

"Sew" in the true spirit of this fictional holiday...

Friends Care!

There is just something about this, that speaks to me.
Be it the day, the political state we are in,
or just that we really do need to focus on
supporting and encouraging each other...

...but especially, the fact that it made for one adorable quiltie!
Don't you just LOVE these new fabrics from Island Batik
They sure make my heart sing!

While looking into this "Galentines" day phenomena...

I found some fun cards...

This is one of many comical cards that came from the 
"with Caitlin" blog
And she's shares a free download

Heck, it's not too late to let that special gal pal know,
just how much she means to you...
You can find out how

This is my original quilt, from a few years back.
The pattern is from "Fat Cat Patterns".
You can find it at on "Craftsy"

Til next time...

Keep those gal pals, close at heart!


  1. Adorable quilt! Perfect for celebrating our differences, she out similarities. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great way to celebrate friendship! Your design is super cute and the fabrics work wonderfully on it. Great job!

  3. What a sweet little quilt Joan! Love those beautiful batiks!

  4. I've never heard of Galentine so thanks for adding to my vocabulary. Such a cute, cute quilt...love the girls and batiks!

  5. such a cute quilt and I didn't notice that the hair was tiny hearts! adorable

  6. Joan, I just love this little quiltie!

  7. Happy, happy, Galentine's Day!! I use a reader to read my blogs and had not looked to see whose blog I was reading. I'd read a couple of lines and thought..."this must be CalicoJoan" :), and it was. This is a special kind of day and I'm hoping it'll be fabulous for you.

  8. Yes, I had to look it up too before i understood what it was all about. But now I know!! I think you have met the challenge very well and ended up with a gorgeous mini quilt.


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