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Friday, February 24, 2017

Kennel Quilts with Island Batik

Our mission this month is to help out all our little furry friends...
"Island Batik" has teamed up with TQPM/Quilt Pattern Magazine,
and the ambassadors are having a great time,
 making these little kennel quilts.

Here are a few of mine. 
These batiks just make you want to drool, don't they?

I'm guessing that baby moose won't be using these anytime soon...
but this is the MooseStash after all,
 and he does look happy on these quilts!

If you would like to help out, here are some tips.

                                   Guidelines for Small Kennel Quilts:
  • Materials used should be 100% cotton (biodegradable).
  • Pre-wash fabrics (pets can have allergies just like humans).
  • Finished size should be 12" x 18". This fits the most commonly used small kennel used at shelters.
  • When piecing, use a small stitch length (e.g. 14 stitches/inch).
  • Do not use binding as it can be hazardous to pets if it becomes loose. Layer, sew around the edge using a small stitch length, and turn quilts pillow-cover style. Whipstitch the opening with small, tight stitches.
  • Use only simple appliques that are secured with tight stitches along the edges. Avoid using fusibles.
  • Keep the quilting simple and use small tight quilting stitches that won’t catch on pet claws. Do not tie quilts as the ends can get caught in claws or chewed off.
  • Do not use any metallic threads or other embellishments (e.g. beads, charms, buttons, ribbons, lace, trims, etc.) of any kind. Do not add handles or loops to the quilt.
Any additional information you need is 
You can find the latest needs on their Facebook page

These are getting packed up and sent to the "Alaqua Animal Refuge" 
in Florida. They have just rescued many animals from a puppy mill.

The "Flying Quilters" have been busy working on kennel quilts,
 for a couple of weeks now...

We have an additional 30 that are ready to go,
 and 20 more close to being done!

A big thanks to "Island Batik", my fellow ambassadors, 
and the Flying Quilters!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Love the colors you used! So beautiful. And your moose is cute!

  2. This is a wonderful way to support a very worthy cause. And what fun you can have along the way. I think your moose was the perfect model for your photo shoot!

  3. awesome love the pile of all the quilts

  4. Wonderful! Great cause! One of the ladies in guild used to come around at the end of a class/workday and take all the thread/clippings/cuttings that were usable for stuffing pillows. She made them for the local shelter. I had forgotten about that. She was in charge of our charity quilt project when I joined the guild. We usually donate to hospitals and organizations with youngsters. She resigned her post because she thought we needed new people to do it. I never knew her to miss a meeting. She missed one. A neighbor policeman found her dead in her house. I miss her. She was always so nice to the new members and never acted as if she knew so much more from her years of experience. She encouraged everyone to work on a charity quilt. She always told us that the people were very grateful to get them and wouldn't notice our mistakes.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity to help care for our furry friends! Love the moose flopped on the quilt...lol!


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