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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Quilt Qwazy Queens

World Wide Quilting Day
Now that's something to jump for joy over.
It's a day where we can "shelf" the craziness of the world and just
join together and stitch our hearts away.
I'd like to invite you down into my stitching cave.
It's a place where all the silliness happens.
My room is long and narrow.
My sewing machine is on one end and my longarm on the other.
It's all about storage for me.
The table my machine is on, is 12' long. Hubby built it for me years ago,
to accommodate one of those first home long arm frames
The kind that the tracks taped down to the table top.
Man, have things improved light years, in home longarms since then.
Thanks goodness!
My table has been converted to provide lots of storage and a big cutting area. But my all time favorite is the light box that's recessed into one end.

I re-purposed a set of cabinets from an old water bed frame,
for extra storage under my long arm. They were a perfect fit, but there is a down side. It's another flat surface, that tends to collect piles of "stuff".
I'm a self proclaimed IKEA addict!
I just love all their things for storage, and the ability to roll them around where you want them.
The dressers I bought are great for fabric storage, but even better as extra work areas. My ironing station is on one set of them. I put a strip of "Inspired LED" lighting under the shelf above it. It provides great lighting and the strip sticks on with adhesive.
In addition, I bought a CD rack years ago from Best Buy, that has been invaluable for my fat quarter storage.

Well now...this post got pretty long winded.
Hang in there with me, there are some great give away's at the end.

I wrote a guest blog post recently, that "seamed sew" appropriate to re-share for WWQD!
(it also explains the crazy that happens in my quiltin' cave)
Noun   (Knitting and Sewing)  a link made my drawing a thread through                                                       material, by means of a needle
Verb     (Knitting and Sewing) (tr) to sew, fasten, etc, with stitches
Example: When I am forced to use needle and thread, yes it's true.
When a hot glue gun or stapler, well it just won't due!

Oh, don't think I haven't tried it "all" once or twice.
See, I'm addicted to "stitch" 
 no matter the price.
I've cooked aluminum can's on the BBQ grill. 
Then stitched them to a wall hanging, just for the thrill.
 I've stitched on clothesline, to many a things...
...some even look like, they are sitting on springs.
(Example: my sad leaning basket, of Pisa)
I've glued tissue paper into muslin, painted and stitched.
Heck, I've even stitched photos...now ain't that just rich!
Stitched a couch, in my house,
and I've stitched up some of those... 
...just to warm up, those cold winter toes.
I've gone bonkers with strange stuff...
Have you ever saved thread?
It makes a nice, wool feel fabric.
 Definitely not for your bed.
Cloth made from "Dog Ears".
No, not the ones from your dog...
...those pieces from squaring, half square triangles, oh my...
And what about "shard" cloth?
All those "shards" you must save.
When trimming your blocks, you know it's all the rave.

It's a sickness I tell you!
And I can't "seam" to stop.
But coffee bags?
Oh heck, just why not!
This 2'x4' giant, the most crazy of all.
It hangs in my kitchen, right up on the wall!

 I tell you, there is "almost" no limit, what you can stitch!
But I love me, my quilting...
fusible applique is my fix!
The boys, here in the MooseStash and I want to send out a big thanks to
Marian, for all her hard work and dedication to us bloggers.
She pours her heart and soul, into providing us all, with her talents and enriches our wonderful blogging community.
But, of course we can't forget our fabulous sponsors who so generously provide us with give-away's and discounts.
Your a stitcher's delight, each and every one of you!
Leave me a comment telling me what you love to stitch...
Make sure you sign up for today's give-aways!
Make sure you stop in and see Marian at "Seams to Be Sew"
for all the great give-away's!

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Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. You have a quilting museum! I love it all and your sense of play shows in your pieces. I have done all of this (coffee bags were candy bags), but not the BBQ'ed cans. I've dyed with metal objects (rusting), but didn't this kill your machine?

  2. You are amazing! You always surprise me ... saving thread and dog ears to apply to fabric ... never would have thought of it but now I have to try it! You also always make me laugh ... best thing ever ... I love the humor in your posts. Your quilt cave is wonderful and so organized. Thank you for inviting me in for a visit ... :) Pat

  3. You are one busy person. I love those cabinets. I need some of those.

  4. Such a pretty space! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  5. I love to stitch quilts, table runners, pillows, wall hangings, etc., etc., etc. I, too, am an Ikea hound. Their storage is FABULOUS! I adore my large 3 section PAX unit to provide storage in my "closet-less" sewing room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Ok,I'm guilty of savings threads and snips,of fabric. How do I put them together to make fabric? I love what you have done within yours. Also, cloth coffee bags? Where?

    1. Betsy,

      You can make fabric with all kinds of leftovers. You use water soluble stabilizer. Use 2 layers and put your "goodies" in between them. You stitch and stitch away until you can hardly see the stabilizer. Then take to the sink and rinse it out. I've found that its best if you don't rinse it all out. It makes it a little firmer to stitch on. You won't want to make anything that will ever been to be washed though.

      The coffee bags are not fabric. They are just the ones that come in the grocery store. When you open them up, they have a foil like inside and stitch just like fabric. One word to the wise. I tried to use them just like I would any fusible applique. It works great for getting the shapes cut out, but when your try to peel the paper off the fusible, it comes right off the coffee bag too. I ended up using a glue stick and sticking things down after fighting it for awhile. Definitely a fun little thing to try!

  7. What beautiful items you have created! Thank you so much for sharing!! Good luck everyone in the giveaway!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  8. Joan, your quilt cave is absolutely wonderful. I love, love all that space. And the storage area---WOW! This is a great place to just hang out. I love to sew just about everything, but have never tried some of the things you have. They're amazing pieces. Thank you for sharing today. I loved visiting your blog and invading your space. You always put a smile on my face.

  9. Your Poem is just the cutest! Thank your for sharing of your crafty, thrifty sewing ideas with us!

  10. Great looking space - love the quilts on the staircase

  11. Wow, you are one busy, creative person! Loved the poem and the coffee bag wall hanging!

  12. I really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. I love the CD tower idea, no to just find one!!

  13. I love IKEA, too, but you have made way better use of it than I have! What a great space and so many creative ideas! I mostly make purses and totes these days, but I hope that someday I'll branch out to more whimsical endeavors! Coffee bags -- I go through a ton of them and never would have thought of sewing them!! :)

  14. Wow! There isn't much that you haven't tried! Thanks for sharing your great space.

  15. I love that you're so creative and 'ready' for anything that comes your way. You have a wonderful space. There are so many lovely storage and organizational ideas. The stairs space has a fabulous area to hang quilts. I joined the 365 Day Challenge and am working on a circle a day. I try to use different ways to create, to attach, and to embellish. It's been fun.

  16. love the walls going down to your stitching area. and your room is fantastic. you are such a creative lady. and I love following you and watching what comes next and being inspired. thank you so much.

  17. I guess I'm pretty traditional because I usually stitch fabric. But I will sew the odd thing together, like pieces of stabilizer or paper when I need it larger. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Very very nice ty for sharing...I like to make baby quilts mostly...Love tote bags too...

  19. Awesome space - love your unusual materials - great stuff!!!

  20. I love your stairway. I like making quilts. 24Tangent@gmail.com

  21. Awesome, welcoming space. Love all the quilts on the grand entrance. Your ruler storage is a great idea too. Thanks for re-sharing some of those great projects. The photos on the boxers though ~ ROFL.

  22. i love your quilt "cave", you are so lucky to have so much room and storage.

  23. So many ideas of things I would love to try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Wow you are talented. I'm going to have to try sewing cans. Last month I saw an article about thread fabric, I think I'll try it. Thanks for sharing.

  25. How talented you are!-Love, love your quilt cave-what great displays! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  26. I love to sew pieces of fabric - I have experimented with slab blocks from small pieces.

  27. Your Cave is AWESOME!!..the entrance goin down the steps is Beautiful!! You are so talented & creative!! Love the storage ideas & your Moose quilts!! Thank you for sharing a Tour!! Feel like I just visited a dear friend!! :)

  28. Wow...what a fun tour of your space and your projects!!!

  29. what a fun post! and I spy my rainbow quilt on the left, aha!! :)

  30. Wow - I love your quilt display in your stair well. Awesome! Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  31. OOOOH, I never realized before that you had a longarm... would you care to teach this old set in her ways quilter to use one? I'm not sure I'll ever own a longarm, but I'd love to learn how to use them. It should have occurred to me you had one, but it didn't. I love your space, some very creative and inventive things going on in that space, and of course seeing your projects again is always a treat. I loved seeing some of the "embellishment" work, I know you've featured on your blog before, but it's always cool to be reminded of the fun things we try to do and you are one of the most creative people I know.

    Your post was stylishly written and I love how everything seems to rhyme, it's always a treat to stop by this blog and read what's going on with Joan... Hugs!!

  32. I must admit I haven't tried making fabric from thread or bits of fabric trimmings but I do love making quilts from slightly larger bits of fabric! Your quilting cave is just wonderful! I found this post moost enjoyable.

  33. OMG! I thought I was the only one who saved those tinsy, tiny little triangles that I cut off of my HST! And threads...yup! Got those too!

  34. I love making quilts for kids and hand stitching embroidered items. Nice sewing/crafting room! Great projects too!

  35. Thanks for being a stop on he hop. We can always count on you to share a great post full of your wonderful work and inspiration for us all. Of course your studio is boss.
    xx, Carol

  36. What a great sewing area. Just going down the stairs, seeing the quilts on the walls, gets you in the mood!

  37. Your moosestash boys are fantastic, and I love the "fabrics" made from thread !! Thanks for sharing your beautiful room.

  38. Such fun to read this post! My MIL bought one of those frames that you tape to the table and that's how I learned to quilt on a frame. You're right -- we've come a long way!

  39. Joan, I was so glad to see your name on the list and just waited for your day. I follow your blog and love everything you do, I too am an applique-aholic!!! Thank you for sharing your room, ideas and show-n-tell. The recessed light box is an amazing idea and the sign saying "your husband lets you have all the fabric you can hide" and boy we quilters are good at hiding that fabric. Your saved thread background is amazing, I think I will have to start saving my threads and dog ears, what an inspiration you are. I for one am glad that you can't stop, again Thank You for always posting such wonderful projects and being such a great example of CREATIVENESS!!! Bobbie P.

  40. Oh my, I was hooked before you even 'walked' down into your sewing cave. Love the quilts hanging on the wall. What an amazing sewing space you have and thank you for some wonderful ideas on what to do with cutoff threads and those teensy bits of fabric. My favourite thing to stitch is selvedges...oh but I am obsessed with selvedges and collect, buy and scrounge them from fellow quilters around the world. I have bags and bags and bags of selvedges that I 'play' with and can spend hours and hours reading each one before I sew it. Hello from Australia by the way, love your blog :) Lyn

  41. Your cave is so much fun. Thanks for taking the time to post so many pictures so we can really get a feel for your space.

  42. Love seeing your cave and all your creations. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  43. Your quilt cave is awesome! I loved the walk down the stairs with the walls lined with quilty goodness. Thanks for the tour.

  44. Love your quilting cave! I wish I had that much room to work in. I love the room I have, it just isn't big enough. :P

    Sandy A

  45. Wow! What a fun and inspiring post! Your gallery is awesome. And so is your poetry! I save thread too, and the tiniest scraps, even dog ears from HST's. I love fusing them to make new "fabric."

  46. Love your "Quilting Cave". It looks like you are entering into your own personal "Quilt Shop" when you go down the stairs. Thanks for the inspiration of all the projects that you showcased. raydeer@memlane.com

  47. I really am curious how you made fabric out of dog ears of fabric. And the thread savings are intriguing too. Great post!

  48. I love your creativity. Thanks for sharing

  49. So much fun! Loved your stitchy poem. Popped by from QQQ-2017.

  50. What a fun tour of your quilt studio Joan and I love seeing all the quilts on the way downstairs!

  51. Time for me to do some catching up.This is a great way to show off your sewing space. And I must say right at the start how impressed I am with the tidiness I see before me!!
    Love the display at the start where you walk down the stairs. You have used that space so well. And your explanations about storage and the tables you use make a lot of sense. How great to have a light box set into the table like that.
    How fun it was to read about all that you have sewn. Looks like there is very little that you have missed.
    Happy stitching and well done to your winner!!


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