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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Island Batik Mini Madness Wrap Up

March wrap up with Island Batik

There's just something about seeing all these together...

What an incredible bunch of "creative" ambassadors we have.
                       It was a month of mini paper piecing projects...
They are all sure "stunning" aren't they?

We have so much talent this year.
Your going to want to check out each of their blogs.
You'll find some fun tutorials along the way.

Karen from "TheQuiltRambler",
wanted to make sure you check in with her later this week.
She's working of a video tutorial.
I for one, can't wait...


  1. That's a lot of beautiful mini quilts! Good job to all the Island Batik Ambassadors!

  2. The diversity is always so much fun to see

  3. Fun to see them all together like that.

  4. They are all so different but every one of them is delightful!


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