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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Biggie is Done

I posted awhile back about dumping the junk and scrapping the crap!
Well, I can happily report that it's done!
Here's my "Urban Development" quilt.

The greatest stash buster ever.
Best yet, all those crazy scraps, just play so well together.
It's like one big ole "eye spy" quilt!
1 1/2" -2" squares use up, even the tiniest amount of scraps.
My hand dye fabrics surround each block.

You can find this pattern at 
(it's linked for you)
along with tons of other great stash busters.
I've just downloaded another pattern to start on.
There just "seams" to be no end to my scraps!

Doesn't that just make your heart happy?
It's a 106"x 106" bundle of joy!

There's also, no end in sight for me...
This was mail call yesterday.
I've got work to do!
Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Love scrappy quilts and this one is GORGEOUS!

  2. Joan, your quilt is absolutely beautiful and so is the quilting! Scrappy quilts are my favorite. I checked out the link the last time you gave it and found several quilt patterns that I loved, but I think I will check it out again. There may be some more that I could use.--You want believe this! The other day I was looking in my scrap bin for a certain piece of fabric to use in an applique quilt. And what did I find but a stack of blocks just like these already made. Wow! what a find. Only I can't figure out why they were in my scrap bin. Maybe I should do some more searching. There is no telling what else I might find. LOL

  3. Wow! What a beautiful scrappy quilt! I love it!!

  4. This is a terrific way to sort through our scraps - your colorful quilt is beautiful. With appreciation for sharing the Quilted Twins link with us.

  5. That is a fantastic quilt, great job!!!

  6. Lovely quilt Joan, I really like how the blue makes everything pop

  7. Love it.and was that a package of fabric???? Lol defeat the purpose of using up scraps huh???Nah... Just keeps you motivated!

  8. Awesome quilt!! A lot of work went into that one. IMPRESSIVE!!!

  9. That is an amazing quilt. Yes, a brilliant way to use up scraps. You are very patient and determined with all those small pieces!! Great way to use your own dyed fabric, too.

  10. That is a fabulous scrappy quilt.


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