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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Art with Fabric Blog Hop...Hanging By a Thread

Nothing beats searching online for inspiration.  
With the Internet today, we can visit more museums and galleries
 in a few  hours, than most could in a life time.
As the fusible applique junkie that I am, 
 I've found that the world of artists that really speak to me, are the ones who's medium is "graphic art". One of my favorites is Janet Stever.
She is a life long artist and illustrator with a long list of credits. Her line of "Angels of Peace" art inspired something that I've wanted to tackle for quite some time now.

The piece I was about to embark on, revolved around this!
This little pin in a bag!
Now, that's got to have you wondering if I've lost my mind!
Last year I broke my wrist.
It was a dumb thing that I did, while loading ceramic tiles into the back of my car. Gravity beat me, when I managed to not clear the trunk with a heavy load in motion. That sent me flying one direction and the tiles another.
They shattered along with my wrist.
This little pin is what they put in, to stabilize things until it healed.
The day they removed it, I asked to keep it for a memorial quilt!
Crazy, I know!

A year later, and it's done. Thanks to this "Art with Fabric" hop.

The real angels, are the girls from the "Flying Quilters" quilt group. They kept me sane, when I was about to loose my mind. Yes, that's me...hanging by a thread at the bottom of the quilt.

The one who's hair looks afright!
You try doing your hair with the opposite hand.
I had the curling iron burns to prove, it was no easy task!

I've always loved, when the photos of a quilt, with one block hanging from the bottom, makes its way around Facebook.
I had to borrow that idea, for my "Hanging By a Thread"!

My guardian Angels...

Who thru "Love" and "Hope"...

...helped me "Believe" in myself again!
It might sound sappy, but these girls got me thru it all and I'm
forever grateful. They earned those halos.

I used some of my "cooked" cans for the flying heart.
I love, when I get a chance to add a little tin can art to things. 
These are soda and beer cans that are cooked over a BBQ grill.
(You can read more about that, under my TUTORIALS links
 on the right hand side of my blog)
It's easy enough to do and stitches down like a dream,
 with a regular needle and a sewing machine!

Lastly...my life size hand with the pin in place!
Forever to remember.

All finished off with "mini" quilts hanging...
cause, that's what we do!

A big thanks to Alida, for bringing us all together to share.
She pours her heart and soul into this hop,  for us!
Your going to find some incredibly talented artists, sharing their creations this week. I know your not going to want to miss, any of them!
Here's the schedule below.

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 

Thursday, May 18th, 2017 

Friday, May 19th, 2017 

"Sew" put on your thinking cap and "art" something.
Heck if I can do it,"sew" can you!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is one amazing quilt. Every part of it has a special meaning.
    Your angels are adorable and I love the background you have created.
    You have a wonderful group of friends.
    Let's hope you never need to use that pin again!

  2. Not only is it amazingly creative, it is absolutely adorable too.

  3. aww that's so sweet! love the hanging block quilts too, yours is adorable!

  4. This is so amazing!!! I love every part of this piece :)

  5. Love the Quilt, it is really cute.

  6. so personal! Now those angels need to keep us safe! Quilt making is dangerous!

  7. lol - I know, breaking your wrist wasn't laughable but your quilt's so cute and I love that "YOU" are hanging by a thread. What a great way to commemorate the event though I would have decided I wanted to forget it. :)

  8. For some reason my first comment got lost due t my crappy Internet so forgive me if you get two. I absolutely love this quilt! It shows your whimsical nature as well as you artistic talent. Bravo!

  9. This turned out great! I love the angels and that you are hanging by a thread. So sorry about the fracture though...ouch!

  10. Joan, you are so creative. This art quilt is so adorable and a wonderful memory quilt. You always amaze me with the things you come up with. Thanks for sharing your talent. Love it!

  11. Such a cute cute project and boy, do I remember when you did that to your hand. You made that entertaining for all of us, even tho I know it couldn't have been easy. Love all the angels, but I to love the one hanging at the bottom of the quilt. Way Cool!!

  12. Such a fun little quilt! I loved hearing the story behind it, and thinking about your quilt angels. We all have angels in our lives, but quilt angels are the best! Loved looking at the quilt details...they really made this piece work! Congratulations.

  13. A fantastic piece with so many interesting elements!! From the story to every single detail: it's an amazing masterpiece!! Wait, soda cans?? I read your tutorial, such a creative use of materials, I am curious and scared at the same time, maybe one day I will try it!
    Thanks for joining the blog hop and for channelling your creativity, your skills and your gratitude for those good friends into this piece of art!!

  14. Hi Joan, what a wonderful quilt and post. I'm really glad that your flying quilters were there for you. It would be horrible to not use an arm for a long time! I learned how to cook a can with a blow torch last week, but I'm going to look up your BBQ technique. Sounds easier!


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