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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Home Again...

I know I'm home when I see this sight...
Denver International Airport.
The tent tops do make for a spectacular sight against the mountains.

Where have I been???
A week long quilt retreat with my favorite NY girls.

They surprised me with this adorable wall hanging commemorating our time together! Now a moose...really? What could be better!
 A big thanks to Mary for stitching this up for little ole me.

There was lots of stitching going on, as well as some great side trips.

We went to Corning Glass and made necklaces.
There are many different things you can make. 
It was fun to watch what everyone was doing.

They take safety very seriously.
Are we a picture of beauty or what?

We traded in the safety glasses for dark safety glasses once we got near the fire!

Word must have got out, that we were an "out of control" group.
Only 2 of us at a time, could play!
Tee Hee!!!

All those pretty colors in the back are the glass rods we melted.

We melted our base color into a good size "blob"
(a very technical term)
Then melted different color rods for the dots.
You bring both rods into the fire and just "kiss" the dot color to your base.
It kind of reminded me of rubbing your tummy, while patting your head!

One we have all the dots, we put our "blob" into a thing that pressed it flat.
Then we attached another rod and pulled and twisted.
It's amazing to see just how liquid glass moves.
After 12 hours of cooling in "vermiculite" we had our pendants.

My first question was what the heck did we put it in and why?
Vermiculite is an insulator and holds the heat. The slower the glass cools, the stronger it is!  Who knew?

Here's my pendant. Pretty cool looking if I say so myself.
They do different things for the holidays...
Eggs for Easter
Pumpkins for Halloween 
Christmas bulbs...
I want to go back for all of it!

It was fascinating to see all the gorgeous glass work...

These that are glass scenes under the glass, are just incredible.
I think it's going to take more than the 1 lesson I had, to manage something like this!

Here's some others that stuck my fancy!

Yep, a good time was had by all.
If your in the Corning New York area, this place is definitely worth visiting!

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love Corning - my first stove was a Corning glasstop - they were the first to introduce those stoves tops. The stove lasted forever and now I wish I still had it - much better than the current one. And...I think Corningware is the best! If I only lived in Corning, New York, I'd visit there often. Do they have classes - not that I could attend - just wondering.? Love your pendant and your tribute quilt.

  2. I have to agree with you about the view from the airport. It struck me when we visited that had a perfect view of the mountains.
    Love the little moose hanging. that is adorable.
    That visit to make glass pieces is amazing . What a great opportunity. There you are - another distraction for you!

  3. I visited the Corning Museum of Glass several times in my youth. I grew up in Rochester and had a great aunt who lived in Elmira. When we drove down to see her, we used to stop at the Museum. I never had the opportunity to make anything, though. Love that pendant!

  4. Wow - that looks like great fun. Such a beautiful result!

  5. That place looks amazing. They have such gorgeous pieces.

  6. Gosh what a fun time you had. I went to the museum about 20 years ago. It was wonderful but at that time they didn't offer fun classes. Such a cute new member of your household. What great friends you have.

  7. Incredible is right!!! Thanks for sharing

  8. Fun to play with glass! I collected tiny glass figurines as a kid. Don't have them anymore. Then in art school in DK they had glass firing classes but I did sewing instead:) but sometimes peeked in there.

  9. And your pendant is gorgeous!!!


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