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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I've been quiet!

Well, there aren't many people who will tell you I have the ability to be quiet. My mouth is running even in my sleep I fear! It's not even that I have anything important to say...  
This "quiet" is only my blog posting. 

I've been crazy busy here.
There is a couple of quilts I'm making up for
  Prairie Cottage Corner.
Kathie has always delighted us with her adorable Sun Bonnet Sue's, but just wait til you see what's coming!
I'm just over the top excited about them.
Next up, it's been a jungle out there.
And I'm loving it!
That's all I can say for now.

What I can tell you is, I've got the petal to the metal.
My machine has been working overtime.

Are you wondering just what this is???

Perhaps this gives you a better idea.

These are mini take out boxes.
I'm sure your thinking I've lost my mind...
(Oh your so right about that)
Working with satin backed crepe has made me a little batty.
We've got a wedding happening in October.
These are going to be at each place setting for the guests.
Filled with lots of goodies to remember the day.

My BFF designed these little guys and we stitched for a week to get a few hundred done for her niece's wedding.
You would think, I would have learned my lesson then.
All this wedding stuff is making me delirious with joy.
My new daughter-in-law to be, and her family have let me join in, on all the planning. I've loving each and every minute of it.
Last week was cake tasting.
Threw the diet right out the window for it and I'm glad I did.
Next week wedding dress, bride maid's and flower girl shopping.
Glad I'm not the one who has to fit in those dresses!

I've got to head back to my boxes.

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love, love, love those boxes! Such a cute idea and beautiful, too!

  2. Those boxes are fabulous and it sounds like fun planning - even though they are crazy busy days.

  3. These are going to look amazing on the tables at the wedding. I still think you are amazing taking on such a huge task!! It does sound like you are having a wonderful time with all the planning and I can understand your enthusiasm for joining in. Being the mother of sons I have never had the chance to do all the bride bit. So you make the most of it and keep sharing it all with us.


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