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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Update from Camp Crazy...

It started as one of those dreary fall days here...
I look out the back and what do I see?
Way up high in the tree...
This hungry hawk, stalking my fish pond!
The fog is starting to lift, and he's still here.
So I'm not feeding my fish til he's gone, or they will become dinner themselves!
Call me a little crazy, but it's the mama bear in me that's keeping me watching him like...
 a "hawk"
He best not be messin' with my fish!

The mailman brought happy mail. Nothing beats surprise packages!
My friend Sharon from New York sent me this darling moose basket!
I think the word has gotten out, that we are a little "moose nutty" around here.
Thank you Sharon, your the best! 

Speaking of mail...
I did hear from my Island Batik blog hop winner yesterday.
Kathy, your package is heading to the PO today!
Thanks to all who visited and left such sweet comments.
Lastly, I did my happy dance yesterday,
 when I finished up the last of the wedding sewing. 
It makes my head spin to think of all the thread I've used.
These jumbo cones have 12,000 yards on them. 
I came pretty darn close, to using up the entire thing.
I know my sewing machine is thrilled to be done with this project.
This little Bernina is a great machine though...
took a lickin' and kept on tickin'

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. It is always fun to get a surprise in the mail....loved what you got....do you feel eyes are upon you?

  2. I spy green tractor. I had a nest of hawks in my hickory tree. Every morning hearing those babies calling for food. They are loud. Like your happy mail.

  3. Good luck with the hawk. Like your gift.

  4. Glad you are keeping an eye on your fish Joan.....that looks like one hungry hawk! Cute little basket and wow.....you have used up a lot of thread on your beautiful projects!

  5. That is such a cute gift with the added moose.

  6. I suppose the hawk just thought you had put the fish there to make life easier for him/her!
    Good luck. Hope you can protect the fish!
    Your machine will be looking forward to a good break after all that work. Can you hear it snoring??


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