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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Wedding Day

It's been a week now...
But I'm just feeling like I've recovered
When you tell people that you son is getting married at a race track...
What????? is the most comment reaction!
I know it's not the most normal place to have a wedding, but when you meet there
and spend 2/3's of the year there... why not?

We had hoped to have it on the starting line, then have them drive off into the sunset, but the weather didn't cooperate. There was something about those 50 MPH winds and bitter cold that kept it indoors.
We were able to quickly make a center aisle in the "club" 
where the reception was being held, and move things indoors.
It was fun to see the place transform from a racing club to a wedding venue!
A wedding with a theme, that is.
Don't you love the card box?  Or "can" I guess I should say!
There was a bit of tradition along with the car theme.
1001 cranes represent good luck to the Japanese.
My BFF of 53 years took on the challenge of making origami cranes.

You have to love the Buttoneers, don't you?
A racers "guest book"
Thanks to the help of so many...
the tables were beautiful

and then there was cake
The traditional...
And of course the non-traditional...
With customized replica's of their race cars to top!
The wedding parties cars were all staged
For that trip down the track after the ceremony.
And that drive into the sunset...
Ok, the couple was beautiful...

but these flower girls stole the show.
I wish I had more photos of the ring bearers.
They were just as adorable!
This has to be a classic photo though...
What better than signing the marriage license on your car!
Yep, that's what happens when a Ford guy marries a Chevy girl!
Steve and Danielle...

Til next time...


  1. Very cute and it looks like it was a ton of fun too.

  2. They did a great job of blending beautiful wedding decor with their them. Love those boutineers with the spark plugs. Congratulations!

  3. LOVED THAT!!!!! That was one beautiful wedding and what a perfect place!! My favorite pic was the flowers in the the tire!! Perfect! Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for posting.

  4. How fun, and congrats to you. Must feel wonderful to have had such a lovely day. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my gosh....how wonderful, and love the theme.

  6. It looks totally wonderful. I can see your touch in all the decorations. It looks like the theme was carried off beautifully.
    The bride and groom look gorgeous and all their attendants are lovely, too. But where are the pics of mother of the bride??
    I am really impressed by how lovely everything looks. Just stunning.
    It is a pity the weather didn't cooperate, but I think the end result was delightful, too.
    Well done!!

  7. It's amazing Joan, when presented with an unusual themed wedding, the wonderful ideas that can be conjured up to make it an extra special occasion that nobody will ever forget. Gotta love those little ones, who steal the show every time!!!

  8. It's all so gorgeous, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the unique theme. :)

  9. We had a wedding this Sunday and I feel wiped out. We had many inches of rain and it was windy!! We came home to no power. We still don't! I'm glad yours went well, it looks like fun!

  10. great to see pics from the big day! congrats to the happy couple!!


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