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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sun, Sand and Sea BOM

November is here and for many of us in the US,
it's time to put away those beach clothes.
But not us, Sun Sand and Sea'ers!
We are off to make some waves this month.
Thanks to Amy at "Sew Incredibly Crazy", we have some fabulous waves,
 for our quilt.
You can pop in on Amy for the link for this fun addition
Remember all blocks are free until the end of each month, 
then they are available for a small fee.
Thanks to "Island Batik" for sponsoring my quilt.
I just love how bright and cheery these fabrics are
 and how well they play with each other.

This month Amy, you got me to thinking...
I've long been in love with the "Shakespeare in the Park" quilt pattern, 
by Judy Martin.
Check out these photos 
It was so fun making this row, that I need to quit procrastinating
 and get busy on my own Shakespeare!
Sew, get in on the fun and make yourself some waves!
Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Shakespeare in the Park by Judy had been on my bucket list for YEARS! Oh I just think that quilt is so beautiful and for me, Judy Martin is my queen of quilting. When I read her books, she has taught me so much a new quilt would not even think of, like how to cut fabric and just lesson after lesson. I sometimes just go through her books for eye candy. Love them. Now, you have me thinking of this quilt again!!! Thanks a lot!! But now I just might have to go gt myself some waves, considering it is snowing outside right now and waves are more my style!!! Happy November - and visiting the 'park'!!!

  2. Beautiful! Your quilt is gorgeous in the Island Batiks.

  3. The end is near. You will be at the beach for Christmas!!! Looking great!

  4. I need to remake my quilt in batiks. I love this!


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