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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Let It Snow, then put a label on it!

There's nothing more fun than seeing children frolicking in the snow
building snowmen.
Children that is...once your my age, that whole frolicking thing...
I'm don't want to scare the bejeebers out of anyone!

No, I personally prefer to stay inside to make my snowmen.
Pat Sloan's Button Club pattern 
was perfect for building indoors snowmen.

New Year...new resolution.
I know that its important to document and label your quilts.
Does that mean I do so...
...well, sometimes.
But from now on...
Is this just the cutest label?
It came from the Dutch Label Shop.
This is one of  many of their "basic" label choices.
It's "sew" much fun to build your own label.
With the basics, you get to choose from many of their stock icons,
 as well as getting to pick your label color, text color, font, alignment.
Even better, prices start as little as $17 for  30 labels.
Then, there are these custom LOGO labels.
Are they, just too cool?
You can turn anything into a logo. 
The moose was a from free clipart online and my Cheerleader logo 
is the one that Madame Samm designed years ago.
Again, you can pick all your colors, as well as how the label folds.
I chose to have these fold at the bottom, so I can sew them into seams on top
They offer many different choices.
This little "hang tag" guy is another "free" online clip art find.
Won't he be perfect for on top of quilt sleeves?

What makes Dutch Label Shop different from the rest?
Your in constant communication with them.
For custom labels, they send you emails with photos.
 You approve your label before anything is printed.
No surprises when they arrive, accept how wonderful they are!

Treat yourself this year!
Check out their gallery 
For some fabulous inspiration.

Til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. How fun! I need to start labeling my work and this was a good reminder -- I placed an order and can't wait to get started!

  2. Thanks for the info about labels. I have wanted to do this for a very long time, so today I ordered from the Dutch Label Shop.

  3. I love snowman, yours is just adorable!

  4. Your snowman is absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing the link to the pattern. The labels you had made are just too fun!

  5. Your snowman really is delightful.
    But those labels take the cake.
    What a great selection you have chosen to get made. Now no-one will ever confuse your projects with anyone else! (Not that they ever did!)

  6. These would be great labels for people selling their creations. When I make a quilt for someone specific, the label has the name of the quilt, the recipient's name, my name, city, state and date...just in case it gets lost there may be a way to track either me or the recipient down. I usually embroider a label and incorporate it into the backing of the quilt prior to quilting so there is no way to remove the label without destroying the quilt.


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