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Sunday, February 25, 2018

When Quilt Club Inspires

I love these microwave bowl holders...
So much so, that I have my quilt club gals hooked on them too.
When Deb's mom visited us one day, we sat her down and had her sew some up.

Apparently she loved them too, because she went home and with the help of her grandson,
made us all acrylic templates, to make marking easier.
They even personalized them for us!
This is just the coolest thing!
No more measuring for us now. 
Thanks Dorothy and Lucas. We knew we could lure you into our Quilt Club trap!
I love collecting fun prints for these bowl holders.
We have started putting them into our sewing bags.
They make the best thread catchers.

I have to brag a bit about our "Flying Quilters" gang.
They are just so much fun. It's kind of amazing that we get anything done, for the laughing we do.
My design wall was out the other day and they took full advantage of it.
Deb made this wonderful table runner for her mom out of scraps, 
from days gone by.
It was a treasure trove of memories for Dorothy who gave her the scraps.
That's what quilting is all about!
By the end of the day our wall was filling up with finishes.
It was 10 degrees outside and I decided to have an ice cream sundae bar!
With all the bowl holders I have...I didn't use one for my sundae?
Guess I'm going to have to go shopping for ice cream fabric next!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Those bowl holders are a great idea. I think I need to make some. And what a great thought to have templates made. Smart thinking Dorothy and Lucas.
    That photo of the design wall does prove that you are productive!
    Any weather is ice cream weather! What sort did you have?

  2. I love those bowls! I made about 20 of them for Christmas gifts about 4 years ago and then I made some to fit dinner plates as well. The are awesome!!! Love the hint to use them as thread catchers!! Jealous of your templates!!

  3. What cute patterns for the bowls, ice cream on a cold day....????

  4. Somehow I am not surprised that you have moose dishes. Love your bowl holders.

  5. Every day is ice cream day, no matter how cold it is!!
    Even better when it is with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar.
    Must have been the ice cream that "fueled" everyone to such productivity! :)

  6. That is so cool! Did you ask how she makes acrylic templates? I love your bowl holders. I see them a lot now but I've never read what they are for. Is it to keep the food hot or cold longer, or something else?

  7. Looks like fun! Can I come next time?

  8. Such cute bowl holders and a template with your name on it...how cool is that! An ice cream party sounds so fun!

  9. Those are such handy little fabric bowls. They should think about selling the templates. I love the idea of an ice cream party when it is 10 degrees. Brrr.


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