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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Try a Technique with the "Island Batik" Ambassadors

New month...new challenge.
Island Batik has challenged us to try a technique that we have never done before.
For many of us, this was a difficult one.
We've quilted for years, and found what personally works best.
Now we have to throw caution to the wind,
 do something completely out of our comfort zone,
and share it with the world?
Yikes, that's just scary!
Timing is everything and for me...
I had just been approached to participate in a blog hop 
for X-Blocks.
Having never used these before, I decided a practice run was in order.
Pulling out my "Island Batik" stash...
and using the smallest template 
I was able to create this 22 1/2" square table topper.
These batiks sure put the zippidy into my do-dah, don't ya think?
Each individual block finishes at 2 1/4".
If you study hard...you can pick out the individual blocks and see what 
creates the overall design.
Talk about great packaging...
Storage for your templates and patterns all in one.
But there is more...way way more.
You won't believe what you can do, with these things.
Make sure you catch the X-Block blog hop next month.
I've got more to share
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Your topper looks great! I am glad to hear about this X-block hop coming up. I bought that ruler after seeing something cool made with it and so far I haven't used it at all! I will follow the hop to get some ideas and motivation!

  2. This has lots of Wow factor. I'm glad you got something so nice out of your "trial run!" :)

  3. That is just gorgeous! I'll be following for the next hop.


  4. Zippity Table Topper! The do-dahs are great, too. Thanks for the inspiration ... :) Pat

  5. cute quilt, fun to work with templates!

  6. How neat Joan and a great idea for the post for this month! I'll be taking part in that blog hop also.

  7. Intriguing tool. Love your practice quilt and looking forward to the hop.

  8. That is fabulous! Great job! Thanks so much for the shout out!

  9. Love result! Yes, we do tend to stay in our comfort zone. A change is sometimes good.

  10. Looks very interesting, and it is very pretty, too!

  11. Interesting top. Like the batiks.


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