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Thursday, April 12, 2018

City Culture 2 with Bella Nonna Design Studio and Island Batik

I had "sew" much fun working with these fun "Island Batik" fabrics
 designed by "Bella Nonna Design Studio".

As a quilter,  immediately my mind starts thinking about the next quilt, 
these fabrics could bring to life.  But there is so much more...
While it might be called City Culture 2...
I got to walk on the wild side.
This bunch of wild ones, are from the "Funky Friends Factory".
Pauline has a fun line of "softies" for young and old.
I bet you never thought of using batik in "softies".  They work well 
and give us so many more options, for these bright and cheery critters!
Lets just say these guys were blown away,
 when they found they had become famous models for "City Culture 2".

I  hope, they have given you a new view on the possibilities...

Without all of you...
all of us wouldn't be here.

Ellie, Larry, Lloyd, Stu and Ozzie!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. You are so right! They look perfect in the batiks.

  2. Yours are so cute! I haven't seen mine yet. Forgot the name of the line.


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