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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Vintage Quilts Inspiring New Creations with "Island Batik"

This month the "Island Batik" ambassadors are re-creating "Vintage Quilts"
using batiks.

Many patterns from the mid 1900's were created,
with motifs that children would love.
They were cut from templates and carefully pieced...
...jump forward almost a century. The rotary cutter is our modern cutting tool, 
revolutionizing how we cut and put together our quilts.
I for one, can't imagine template cutting anymore. 
I've done it, and have no desire to go back there again.
I do, however love figuring out how to update those "vintage" patterns.
 "Beam me up Scotty" 

I'm sure those quilter of days gone by, would be thinking just that!
Can you image, what their reaction to a rotary cutter might be?
We have come so far, and yet I wonder what quilting might be 100 years from now.
All I know for sure is, that I won't be here to find out about it.
This quilt was made with fabrics provided to me, by Island Batik.
Yep, that's how they spoil their ambassadors and we do love them for it!
I've got a brand new wall paper now too!
ahhhh...life is good.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Being spoiled with a rotary cutter AND Island Batik makes for an adorable quilt! Love it!

  2. I love your version of a scotty dog quilt! Awesome! I would not go back to templates for anything, I just love my rotary cutter and many rulers :)

  3. Heck, I remember using the yard stick and a pencil to draw cutting lines for borders. I love my rotoary cutters. I love your Scottie Dogs almost as much. They are precious.

  4. Me either!!! I am always amazed at how far we have come in my own lifetime. Cute little dogs.

  5. Love your little quilt full of Scotties! And, I love all my modern quilting tools!!

  6. I love my modern sewing tools! Gosh and I feel like I don’t get enough quilts made now. Back then I’d probably finish six in a lifetime.

  7. Love your twist on something old.
    Yes, I cannot imagine being without a rotary cutter. It would take me forever to make something - even a little quilt!
    Love your Scotty dogs!!

  8. Great idea for something old and something new! Hope to get mine quilted this week.

  9. Ohh this Scotty block quilt is wroof wroof amazing!


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