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Monday, May 28, 2018

What is GDPR and what does it mean?

General Data Protection Rule
And it's reeking havoc with our comments.
It's all about security, and I get it.
BUT...that doesn't mean I can't be irritated, that as a society, we are driven to this.
Basically, it's not OK for anyone to see your avatar, name, email address...
All the things we use, for not only responding and communicating 
with our blogging buddies, but also for our give-aways!
I'm not sure just how this will effect Rafflecopter,
which is what many of us use for give-aways.

Just so you know...
My little personal blog, about my love of quilting, does not, has and will never
share personal information with anyone else. 
I'm approaching my 10 year blog-iversary, and this is making me so sad.
I've met so many wonderful people across the globe,
 who love quilting as much as I do.
I'm still here, and I will do my best to keep up the communications, with all of you.
I can't bare the thought of not sharing a good tale or quilting woe with you.
Carol at Just Let Me Quilt wrote a post, on a bit of a work around for now...
I've linked her post for you.

Basically for now, if you check the Notify me box in the lower right corner,
 I will get an email. The issue for me is, I have always used AOL.
Yes, I'm one of those old school users.
I've had AOL since the dark ages and have grown with it. 
I find it much easier to navigate than these new platforms!
Now it's going to my Gmail account. I've tried to change that and failed.
"Sew" I have to figure out how to access Gmail on my desktop.
(Can you see me rolling my eyes here???)
I'm sure it's not nearly as difficult as I want to make it!

This is what I see, when I post the comment.
I still see my avatar, and my screen name.
Maybe because I am not an open ID user???

This is a screen shot of what it looks like when I leave a comment on Carols post.
This is the email I got back...
I'm still a noreply blogger I see?????
NOTE:You do not want to check email follow-up comments,
 as you will get them for everyone who comments on the post.
I was testing things here.

But there is the scoop, if you have felt ignored.
We are trying here! No thanks to GDPR!

On a happier note...
I'm working on my "Fabulous Freebie" blog hop project.
I've still have some openings.
Would you like to join in?
All you need is to show off a fabulous "free" pattern, or tutorial you found online.
You must link it with a current and working link, and give credit where credit is due.

Email your info to Calicojoan@aol.com
Subject line...Fabulous Freebies

Your name
Blog name 
Blog link

Let me know if you have a preference for a date, and I will try to accommodate!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I use AOL for my private email so I'm a dinosaur or old school, too. I use Gmail for all my quilt related stuff and have found it was an easy transition. Hopefully the little workaround will help us a little, but I want things easy again...I do, I do, I do! I think I hurt my foot stamping it. LOL

  2. I am another dinosaur as I still use aol. This whole thing has been beyond frustrating.

  3. OK, as a Yahoo email user and signing on here via Google, I'll give this message thing a shot. I am also frustrated with this GDPR thing too! Sure glad I don't have a business that relies on anything online!! I'll click the "notify me" box and see where that takes us - um, nope, I don't use my gmail account, so I'll see if you get this and if I get any reply to the email I always use.

  4. This is causing so much grief. I hope Blogger sorts it out.
    For once i am on the right side of things as Wordpress has a fix in place and is working properly.
    I did have this same email issue a couple of years ago and had to resort to cutting and pasting comments into a new email. Time consuming but it was the only way I cold reply until fixed.
    All i can say is good luck.

  5. This GDPR is causing me to go gray...well okay maybe I'm already gray but I hop blogger gets it's act together soon.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Oophs not sure what I did. The law was to protect our privacy but it's certainly making it difficult to leave comments.

  8. Joan I wrote a posting yesterday too about this. I think some things have gone too far. If you want complete privacy stay off the internet! It's that simple. Social media is supposed to be social, but they keep throwing up roadblocks then more people will abandon blogs. So many already do FB and Instagram and don't blog anymore.

    1. If only they would go after all the stupid spam email I get daily! Either that or that dumb price in tim-buck-too would actually send me the billions of dollars he keeps telling me I have won! hahahahaha

  9. GDPR is definitely wreaking havoc with many bloggers. Hang in there! Hopefully things will smooth out soon.

  10. I am a non-blogger who very rarely comments and have been fighting with noreply off and on for years. Buried somewhere deep in your google account is a box to check to ‘show email’. I tried to find it again but couldn’t. If you search google blog noreply you will find more info on fixing it. You can also change the email account on your google account to be something other than gmail as well. These changes may be forcing the issue but the problem has been there for years. I use Bloglovin and forgot that i need to jump out to the internet to make a comment. This comment has taken me an hour to post. I hope it helps. I hope I am not a noreply again.


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