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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop

Spring has sprung and the flowers are bloomin'!
It's fun to be able to show them off after that long winter season.
They bring renewed hope for a colorful summer.
A big thanks to Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks,
for sharing a little sunshine, with flowers.

I thought and thought on what to do for this hop.
 There are so many floral fabrics and designs for us to work with.
But I wanted to be different...
(I'm sure your finding that one hard to believe)
Then one of those "Eureka" moments hit me
Pachyderms in my Petunia Patch
(Even though I know the flowers in my garden, are water iris)
"Patchwork Elephants", is the real name of this pattern from the 

These "be-spectacle'd" silly elephants, just make me laugh!
 Best yet, they bring their own flowers along.
Their welcome, to take a romp thru my garden any time...
And even a little dip in the pond.
We all know just how much elephants love water!
Just as long as they don't disturb my babies!

Most of this fun quilt, came right from my batik "stash".
I'm absolutely in love with their pieced ears, bodies and flowers.
It gives them so much character.
Yes, I do love using up that stash. It's like getting a free quilt from leftovers.
And it keeps my scrap drawers from overflowing!
Win-Win, I'd say.

Toni, brings so much whimsy into everything she designs.
She brought a ton of "happy" into this one!
If you've never taken the time to visit her, I recommend you do so.
She's even got a Facebook group you can find 
There's just no better place to visit when you need a 
"pick me up"
(Not to mention her $4 Friday sales)
Hope you have enjoyed your romp thru my Petunias!
It's my turn to take a little siesta now.
"Sew" hop on over to see what's growing in my fellow bloggers gardens.

Friday, June 15th

Looking for a fun new hop???
Have a fun freebie pattern or tutorial on your blog, you'd like to share?
There is a plethora of fabulous freebie's online.
Find your favorite and share that with us.
Just make sure you have a working link to it, so we can all enjoy.
As a courtesty, give credit where credit is do.
What a great way to start on those holiday projects early.
I've got a few spaces available yet, so join in on the fun.
Email your info to Calicojoan@aol.com
Subject line...Fabulous Freebies

Your name
Blog name 
Blog link

I'm blown away with all the view of my post today,
 and I'm so sorry I can't respond to the comments.
I sure hope blogger figures this out soon. 
Just know you all, have made my day!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. The sweetest little quilt, and so much work. Thanks for the link to the pattern. I might buy it later.

  2. I agree. This is the perfect choice for this hop. Love seeing the made in batiks. And the photos in your garden are gorgeous!!!
    Your quilt is wonderful!

  3. I love those elephants! It reminds me of something you would see in a children's library.

  4. that is such a cute quilt! Elephants and flowers are a lovely match!

  5. Love the elephants tiptoeing thru the tulips. Great choice for this Hop.

  6. What a fantastic quilt! I love the color combo you used. Really stunning!

  7. Oh my goodness, just adorable! Your projects always make me smile. I checked out Toni's shop and she sure does have a bunch of cute things, thanks for the link.

  8. Another adorable project!!!

  9. Oh what fun Joan. This is just too cute. You always make me smile with your fun quilty projects and your colorful words in your blog posts. Thank you for joining in on Where Flowers Bloom my friend. The flowers are bright and cheerful here for sure!

  10. You always have such fun and colorful projects to share. This is just too stinkin' cute!

  11. A fun quilt. Lots of work to make it but worth the time.

  12. The pachyderms and flowers are so colorful and wonderful! Thanks for leading off the blooming parade with this joyful quilt ... :-) Pat

  13. The Pachyderms with their glasses are so cute. And they look just lovely hanging out in a bunch of petunias. Very nicely done!

  14. I have not been over to your blog in ages, Joan. Not since Missie Samm days perhaps?
    I always enjoy the treasures to create.
    I love this quilt so very much

  15. Super cute and fun quilt! Nice job.

  16. The pachyderms are adorable and make me laugh, too. What a fun, fun quilt! I adore elephants. My daughters name is Jamie Alison. Her brother was 2 when she was born and he called her Jamie Elephant. I can only think that Elephant was a word he knew and Alison was a foreign word to him.

  17. What an adorable quilt. You have some of the cutest 'idea' quilts; I do love the patchwork elephants. I'm visiting the RBQ company. Thanks.

  18. This was the best romp through petunias I've ever had. I love the elephants and flowers, especially with their little quilts in the ears, etc.
    So cute!

  19. Delightful. Made me chuckle.

  20. Such a cute elephant! He is chilling in the flowers. What a great place to be on a hot day!

  21. What a cute quilt Joan and a perfect way to use your scraps!

  22. What a wonderful quilt! Definitely makes me smile. Great choice of patterns, so bright and colorful with a little whimsy. My kind of quilt!

  23. Very cute love the elephants too..great flowers to for sharing.. happyness04431@yahoo.com

  24. I am lovin those elephants, so fun and cute, and love how you did the patchwork ears.. Very cute indeed.

  25. Such a fun quilt, I visited the Red Boot Quilting site to see the fun patterns. Thanks for sharing your beautifully made quilt and a walk around your garden.

  26. Priceless!!
    Though you did have me *giggling* ..... What? Moosestash DID elephants?
    Surely you could have morphed them into Moose! :)

    1. I know...right! LOL!! This time the pachyderms won out!

  27. This is such a cute quilt! Love everything about it!

  28. They are such cute additions to your family, do they have names yet????

  29. I think you really outdid yourself with this! It's so adorably cute!

  30. Those patchwork elephants are so cute!

  31. What a fun and adorable quilt you've made!! It's one of the happiest quilts ever.

  32. Thanks to all who visited today. I sure wish I was able to respond to your comments, but know that I've read them all and am overcome with joy! One of these days Blogger will get this mess sorted out, so we can talk again! ;-)

  33. These are so cute, love the patchwork added.

  34. Oh, what an adorable quilt! The batiks proved to be a winner on the patchwork elephant ears and flowers. Yes, I was smiling too as my eyes wandered all over soaking up every detail and bright piece of fabric...what fun to make and enjoy forever!

  35. Oh your quit is a smile maker for sure. Love the colors, and using up scraps and stash. Win/Win.

  36. That is a great quilt, sure to please anyone. The colors of your scraps are brighter than most of mine. =)

  37. Love your quilt!! A quilt made from scraps is the best! Besides, with the current cost of fabric, those scraps are precious!!

  38. Fabulous quilt!! I love those elephants, especially the ones with the patchwork ears! Really sweet--thanks for sharing!

  39. Impressive use of scraps and great quilt.

  40. Awwwww that is such a cute quilt!!! Love it!!! xx

  41. I love this quilt - as well as your whimsy! I believe I may have to purchase a new pattern! LOL

  42. What fun flowers and precious pachyderms! I'm also a fan of Red Boot; such whimsical designs. Thanks for sharing,

  43. I love the elephants, the glasses, the patchwork, the flowers, the flowers in pots, the bright colors...need I go on? WOW!

  44. Love this quilt, so glad you posted it. I went right to the designers site and purchased 3 of her patterns. love them, thanks for sharing her pattern with us.


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