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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Secondary Pattern with Island Batik

If you've never though about secondary patterns...
they are usually a couple of simple blocks that combine to 
make something that looks very difficult.
That's a quilters top secret weapon!
This month Island Batik challenged their ambassadors,
 to show off that weapon with their batik fabrics.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Earlier this year Carole,"From My Carolina Home" hosted  a fun
"Square Dance" scrappy mystery quilt.
(It's linked for you)
UPDATE: Pattern will be available in her Craftsy shop soon.
It was a perfect example of secondary patterns!
I grabbed my
Mountain's Majesty "stack" and went to work, on the 9-patch blocks.
Two simple blocks...
combined to make a very cool pattern. 
I added in an assortments of "Island Batik" fabrics, for the "rail" blocks. 
No matter the line, their fabrics all play so well together.
Piecing would have been easy, with lots of chain piecing...
unless you've got extra help
These are my two new helpers, Kenai and Denali.
They are trying hard to convince me they help.
Someone got tangled in my cone thread as I was stitching...
so the jury is still out on their helpfulness!
"Square Dance"
Here's my "Island Batik" lap size version, of the "dance".
Don't you just love it?
A big thanks to Carole for another wonderful mystery project.
And to "Island Batik" for providing these gorgeous fabrics.
Now I challenge you to look for secondary designs.
So fast and so fun!
I might even throw in a couple of extra helpers to add to your challenge!
Not...I don't think we could part with them here!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'
Seriously...now your asleep?????


  1. Wow... look how fast your furry helpers are growing! LOL Of course they are asleep now, the fun is over and there's nothing to stay awake for. Your quilt is a beautiful and marvellous example of a secondary pattern. So simple and so complicated all at once. :)

  2. The little angels need their rest. They know that tomorrow will bring new sewing challenges. love the quilt. Great example of secondary pattern.

  3. Thank you for the awesome tutorial! Lovely quilting!


  4. That's a pretty pattern, and it looks great in Island Batiks. Your little quilt inspectors - er, helpers are really cute.

  5. Great secondary pattern! I am loving what you can so with split rectangles!

  6. Beautiful quilt. Adorable 'helpers'. Quilting is exhausting so, of course they are asleep now. :)

  7. Thank you for showing my pattern! Square Dance will be available in my Craftsy store soon!

  8. That is a great quilt, Joan. Love the colors and the pattern! You really shouldn't work your helpers so hard!! LOL

  9. Your helpers are adorable! I was surprised to see the secondary design on your finished quilt. I wasn't expecting the stars. Wonderful!

  10. Well, I started off admiring the quilt and then you distracted me with the kittens!!!
    Wow, so these are your newest additions! They look like a lot of fun and mischief in equal share.
    Have fun but watch out. How soon before they rule everything?


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