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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Pets on Parade

This is the first year I've participated in the "Pets on Parade" blog hop.
My old cat, Ms Murphy really didn't love having her photo taken, 
or even spending time in my quilt cave with me. 
She had her own agenda, and it frequently didn't involve people! LOL!!
She passed away on Mother's day night.
"RIP"ole girl.
That left us with a very quiet house and a hole in our hearts, 
especially my hubby, the only one she adored.
We were petless for a month, and then it was time to bring new life in the house.
In came these 2 little bundles of joy.
Making their way to their new BFF, as soon as they walked in the door.
Ms Kenai
Mr Denali
Yes, they are named for a couple of our favorite Alaska places 
and we had to switch their collars once we found out what they were.
Boys really don't like pink, I'm told!
They had a rough start. They were barn cats that had been socialized, but...
 came with worms, ear mites and runny eyes that turned into rip roaring respiratory issues.
This brother sister team, do love each other though, and have grown to love everyone else around.


Are they helpful with my sewing?
Well, ask this one who had to be cut out of the cone of thread,
 he managed to tangle himself in, as I was sewing.
Help with binding???
Not so much.
If the stare down doesn't work, I'll just bite the thread as you stitch.
Checking it out...
and knowing he wants it to stop.
Only to find that these quilt things, are pretty comfy after all!
If you want to see the top of this quilt...
I shared it Friday in the Island Batik Great Outdoors Blog hop
Quilting is tough now...
One won't let me sit down to sew...
And the other tells me, I'm not going to do any long arming either.
What is a quilter to do???????
This is our adventures with Kenai and Denali.
They are getting better every day, and my vet bills are growing.
But I think we are finally on top of it all!
Now just teaching them to love quilting...
I don't think anti-biotics will help there!
The things we do, for the pets we love.
Please check out all the other cuties over at Lily Pad Quilting
You can vote for your favorite!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin!
I'll try to do the same here!


  1. Love those names! What a fun addition to your family.

  2. How adorable and terrific names. It will calm down but that kitten period is quite something. I love the kitty on the rails! Glad you brought 2 new ones into your lives!

  3. Great post. Thanks for the smiles. You & your hubby are wonderful people!

  4. They are so cute. Love their names too. Hugs,xx

  5. They are adorable! Cats are definitely difficult to sew around...my daughter's cat used to lay behind my machine and swipe at the needle as I sewed. Enjoy them for years to come.

  6. Awww, how cute and sweet! I miss my kitties, but when we got our rescue dog almost three years ago, they decided they did not like her, nor did she like them, so they went to a new home. When I need a kitty fix, I can go to my daughter's - she has four!!! Mine did love to sit on my machine and watch me stitch. I was so afraid she was going to stick her paw under the needle, but thankfully she did not! Enjoy, Joan!

  7. I think these kitties are very interested in your quilting. I also think they are watching closely. Perhaps they want to take over the operations one day, lol. Great pics.
    xx, Carol

  8. Oh, congratulations on the new additions! We added four kittens to our family six years ago, when we adopted their pregnant mother (who sounds a lot like your Ms. Murphy, in that she wishes the kittens and I would just go away so she and my sweetheart could have the house to ourselves...). Chaos ruled for the longest time, and those were very fun, sweet days. It is very special to see the bonds between pets who grow up together, especially siblings; we've raised both puppy and kitten siblings and it still makes me a bit teary-eyed to think of them snuggled together, so loving and trusting and feeling so completely safe in each other's company. Good for you, for giving those barn cats such comfort.

  9. Your pictures are absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! Wondering how I can share the series?? Without making friends sign in to your page? Sadly, lots of non-quilters out there. Kittens are like puppies and human babies--so precious when little, 'cuz' you never know how they'll be when they grow up! Thank you for these delightful shots. And, is this payback from Ms. Murphy?

  10. Very cute. Walking the rails on the longarm takes extra talent!

  11. My goodness! These two are getting so big! I remember when you first brought them home - such lucky kitties.

  12. What pretty kitties and glad they are now getting better after their poor start, they do look so happy and playful now, Hugs, Susie & Treacle

  13. Oh my goodness. That’s a busy bunch. I’m not sure how anything gets finished with so many helpers.

  14. Mr. Denali walking on the long-arm bars looks like he wants to be a gymnast

  15. Loved, loved, loved your kitty pics!!!! They are SOOOO cute! At least your husband sits still so they have a lap to lay on. lol! Enjoy them!

  16. This is a lot of fun. They do take over but are two lucky cats to have been taken in.

  17. Thank goodness for these two wild ones to come and comfort you and take over your life :-) They are adorable!

  18. They are adorable! We have a brother and sister we rescued too or did they rescue us! My one doesn't like me up late on the computer and will lay on the keyboard (this only happens late at night!) And they definitely love to inspect any and all finished quilts for comfort and warmth!!! hahahaha

  19. Congratulations on your two new additions! They are adorable.

  20. Oh my goodness, so much cuteness and love....I need for hubby to hide my car keys or I'm on my way to the shelter to get some furbabies! LOL We've been lonesome since my studio cat, Moses, passed due to cancer.
    I had so much fun reading this and seeing the pics! Thanks for joining our party!
    Snoodles at the Lilypad

  21. Kenai and Denali are lucky to have found a loving home with you. They are very cute.

  22. Sounds like all of the problems I had with my Tater when I got her. My friend who I got her friend felt bad about the vet bills and offered to pay half but I just traded her husband fixing my AC instead, I think I got the better end of the deal!

  23. Your fur babies are adorable and I love their names! Great photos of the two too!

  24. So sorry you lost your Murphy, it's hearbreaking. But I'm glad you have Denali and Kenai, what cute imps. I can tell they're very "helpful". Denali NP is one of my favorite places I've ever been, so I love your names too!

  25. Love the photos of your sewing room "helpers"!

  26. Those are two lucky little kitties to have a mom like you!

  27. Ms Murphy, you are a darling and will always have a place in this family in their memories and their hearts, Kenai and Denali, I have a blog friend from a while ago who was in both those places, and two bundles, they will fill the huge gap.We have just lost our darling Basil, a stray ginger older fluffy boy who walked in the front door one morning in February .He was always so quiet, but the gap is huge. Love your blog, I hopped over from Dione.


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