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Friday, August 3, 2018

Who Let the Dogs Out

Arf, arf, arf, arf!!

Do these guys just make you smile?
This is a smaller version of "Hound Dogs", from Antonie Alexanders book "Happy Quilts".
You can find that book 
If you saw my Patchwork Elephant quilt earlier this year, its the same designer.
Antonie also is known as "Red Boot Quilt Company"
Her sense of whimsy and color just blow me away.
Just add baby and this photo would be complete!
As this quilt is a commission quilt, for someone who is having a little boy very soon.
I hope he will grow up to love his new litter of puppies to play with.
But I get just one more "Happy" view of this sweet little bunch of puppies, myself.
Check out the Red Boot Quilt Gang on Facebook.
for loads of inspiration and "Happy"

PS: Hope you don't have that crazy song running thru your head all day now!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is absolutely wonderful. Surely a treasured baby quilt.

  2. Good thing that the quilt is over the top cute because you are just plan ole mean tossing the song out there.

  3. Yes, that song is running through my head now you wickedly funny lady. LOL That quilt is totally a winner as a baby quilt...love, love, love it!

  4. Sounds like the baby will soon be here to play with the puppies and make wonderful memories. The quilt is adorable and you did a great job on the commission work!

  5. BellĂ­simo!!! Me encantan los perros

  6. Great job on the quilt, Joan! Those pups are adorable. I'm sure the baby will love it (and the parents!!)

  7. so cute, love the multi colored thread in the quilting.

  8. Love it! This is such a gorgeous quilt and will be wonderful for a baby boy. I always love your fabric choices.
    It is fun to make a smaller quilt, too.


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