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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quilter Meet and Greet with Victoriana Quilter

I'd like to start out, by thanking Benita for inviting me to join in, on her 
"Meet and Greet".
As online bloggers, we love finding new friends with like interests.
There is just so many times I can share my excitement about a new project
 with my hubby, who really doesn't care one bit about them!
Anyone else feel my pain?

My name is Joan and I'm the head of the herd, at "MooseStashQuilting".
You'll find loads of "Moose" running around here.
These boys keep my out of trouble most days.

My blog name is a combination of my love for these guys and my huge piles, 
(moose size you could say) 
of stash I've accumulated over the years.
It's true, the more you stitch, the bigger your stash grows. 
There is absolutely no logic to it, but it happens.
I'm a fusible applique junkie.
While I appreciate the time and talent of needle turn, it's not for me.
I've got too many project in this lifetime to complete.
 "International Sun Bonnet Sue" 
was completed in 2013 and was my first big undertaking in fusible applique.
It is done in the "Quilt As You Go" method.
You can see much more of this quilt with closeups up each block
 She's my most popular pin on "Pinterest".
I do love a good stash buster. It's a great way for me to clean out those bits and pieces that I just can't "Bear" to throw away. I usually do one "biggie" a year,
just to keep control of things.
The bear quilt wasn't really a stash buster, but there was some intense piecing involved, and I love it!
I'm a blog hop-aholic...a big ole hop-head
Nothing inspires me more than getting a theme and digging thru my pile of patterns
 and stash, to find the perfect project.
It's really what keeps me stitching every day.
Oh, and the friends I have made...well, they are just icing on the cake!
I'm a part of the designs team for the "Sew Incredibly Crazy" free BOM's.
There are 4 talented designers and myself...the one who doesn't get the EQ program
and would much rather draw out her pattern by hand than take the time to learn anything!
What can I say...I'm honest!
Oh...and I've got a little secret...next month is my block.
I'm really excited about it...you won't want to miss it.
My favorite part of this crazy quilting hobby, is being an
The spoil us with their beautiful fabrics, and challenge us with monthly themes. It's a great way to show off our projects and share their new lines of fabric.
The inspiration is over the top, with this talented group of Ambassadors.
I am also a Halloween A-Holic!
Gheez, my vises are stacking up here, aren't they?
 I have to wrap this up, with my "all time" favorite project...
...a real peek inside of my crazy sense of humor! 
What can I say...other than 2013 was the year that really set me on my road.

My goal is to inspire and entertain you, 
down this crazy quilting road, we all love to travel.
Be sure to visit Victorian Quilt Designs
There are more "fabulous" bloggers to meet!
And she has a give away you won't want to miss.

You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram with the links on my side bar.

Now, tell me a little something about yourself!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I always enjoy your posts.. you truly are a cheerleader in the industry.

  2. You DO inspire and you DO entertain. Thank you for blogging!!

  3. I JUST LOVE YOUR INTERNATIONAL SUE quilt...very clever and creative...

  4. You creations are always so fun, and I think if you can't have fun, you shouldn't be quilting! My words to live by :)

  5. You are the color in so many of us blogger's life.

  6. Hey, I know you!! :) I've been a follower (and benefactor) of your creativity for a long time! :)

  7. You are so talented, and your projects are a great inspiration!


  8. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm! You are very inspiring!

  9. I love your whimsical and quirky designs.

  10. Hi Joan! I have not seen your fabulous Sunbonnet Sue extravaganza, and I can hardly wait to go read all about it. And I'm not even sure if I know what fusible appliqué. It will be fun reading more of your posts, and I have already visited many times to enjoy your humor and talents. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. You have made me laugh for so many years with all your blog posts and have inspired me with your quilts. You rock my world and I love having you in it!

  12. Enjoy reading your blog and all about the mooses...but love those two pom pom bikinis girls...those are perfect mini quilts....

  13. Can I say I agree no needleturn for me. Just not my calling. Your work is wonderful. Makes me smile.

  14. Your quilts are gorgeous, and your finishes are incredible! Thank you so much for sharing. I love your posts and look forward to them. Keep on quilting!

  15. That colorful log cabin quilt is making me want to do a stash buster of my own? So fun to see what you've created over the years! I really enjoy your blog. :)

  16. How fun!! ...and inspiring, I really need to tackle more applique :)

  17. Joan, you are such a fun person! I love reading your posts! "The Way We Were" is hillariously true!! LOL Thanks for sharing more about yourself!

  18. Oh Joan you are a kick-in-the-pants!!!! Love your humor and wow all those quilts! I remember that pompom blog hop and how you cracked us all up with that one. I am with you about the computer designing, I do it by hand and tend to design as I go too. I bet your block for the It's a Wild Life will have a moose in it, lol!

  19. Love being your quilty blogger friend yourey always so much fun!

  20. Thanks for showing us a whole bunch of your quilts. I had missed a few of the moose - love them. Your sense of humour is great and you are both entertaining and informative.

  21. I always love coming to your posts for inspiration and smiles.

  22. Honesty is the best policy so I am with you on that. Applique is something I have not tried yet. But when I do, I promise I'd be staring right here with your blog for ideas and inspiration!!!

  23. It is delightful to take another look at your wonderful creations and be reminded off how much you can achieve.
    You always manage to surprise and delight!!!

  24. Wow!! I am so inspired by your post!! I can see why your International Sunbonnet Sue quilt is so popular! It is very clever!!

  25. Lovely to meet you and your blog again. Although it has been quiet some time since I visited blogs. Love your projects.

  26. Your Moose quilts are fabulous, but I absolutely LOVE your Alphabet quilt!!! Thanks for sharing in the Quilters Meet and Greet.

  27. Always nice to see your quilts and projects ;) Love the Sun Bonnet girls too!

  28. I know I've read your blog before, but now I'm actually following so will see it regularly! It was fun to see all the different kinds of things you work on, and yes, I, too really appreciate my online quilting friends because my hubby's typical response is, "What are you making that for?" :)

  29. You truly have fun with your quilting! I love it - so much variety - and love the MOOSE!!!

  30. What fun quilts! Visiting from the Meet and Greet.

  31. Oh my! You have some pretty fun and amazing quilts! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing and I love your sense of humor!

  32. I have been following you for quite a while--those pillows are hilarious!!

  33. You cracked me up again with the pom poms. It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years. I saw my pom poms just the other day. You've been making me laugh (most of the time) all that time. I loved seeing some new-to me pronects. Thanks for participating in the Meet and Greet and I'm sure making others laugh, too. You always amaze me iwth your projects.

  34. I enjoyed your sense of humor! Your quilts are beautiful and I spotted a couple Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts there (I also have done some of Bonnie's mysteries and classes). Thanks for sharing.

  35. Always so much fun to read through and look at all of your pretties!

  36. I love this post! Your sense of humour is infectious and all those amazing projects you've done are downright amazing (esp. The Way We Were...lol). Thank you so much for inviting us to come for a visit!!

  37. Hi, Joan. I know I read this earlier but decided to wait to comment until I made my way down Benita's list. The 2nd time through was an even better read. You wrote, "It's true, the more you stitch, the bigger your stash grows. There is absolutely no logic to it, but it happens." I didn't really think about this until reading...it's happened to me, too; what in the heck is up with that??? My husband doesn't really care that much about what I create but I spend so much time in the sewing/quilting room, that I share just so he knows I'm sewing and not posting inappropriate pictures on the internet! LOL

  38. You seem to have loads of FUN FUN FUN. Loved looking around your blog.

  39. You have a wonderful collection of quilts you've made, Joan!
    Thanks for sharing them and for being part of the Quilters Meet & Greet! <3


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