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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Virtual Cookie Exchange Blog Hop

It's that time of the year, when the baker in all of us, come's to life.
Oh that Carol...she  just loves to share the calories with us.
There are some incredibly wonderful bloggers,
all to willing, to join in and share their favorite
goodies for the season...
So, let the hips and thighs start to grow...NOW!
Snowball cookies have long been a family favorite here!
I wanted to share the recipe in a fun way, so 
I googled how to make an online recipe card and found "Adobe Spark" website
Is this just the cutest recipe card ever? 
I had so much fun playing with all the options. 
You know I'm old school, and I get really excited when I stumble on things like this.
Best yet...the free version offers loads of fun things you can make.
Check it out for yourself.

I recently stumbled on another "snowball" recipe on Facebook.
Not being able to find the post a week later...
Google came to my rescue, once again.
While these technically are not "cookies"...what's better than Cheesecake bites?
This is recipe is a google image, that said it was from Pinterest.
I'd love to give credit, but it took me down the rabbit hole, 
trying to get to the source.
There are many websites with this same recipe on it. Some with nuts, some not.
I personally made one little change. I added a little powered sugar to the mix.
I love the sweetness it brings out.  It was one of those "dump" things, 
so I can't tell you exactly how much, but it was less than 1/4 cup.
 Make sure you drain your pineapple extremely well, and push out extra moisture.
I suggest you put the mix, in the freezer a bit before rolling into the balls.
It makes them much easier to work with.
This is how many of these heavenly bites you get from 1 batch.
What perfect little quick and easy dessert for the holidays!

So with 2 snowball choices...the battle for the favorite begins...
...and I'm throwing one at you virtually.
I've got one more issue, to get off my mind!
I don't remember who it was last year, who posted the chocolate mint coated "Ritz"crackers...
But I am holding you personally responsible, for my increased size this year!
Those are absolutely, hands down the best things I've ever eaten.
Who would have guessed?
I can't tell you just how many people have fallen in love with them.
I know I should take responsibility for my own actions, but really!
Who can eat just 1?
Ignorance "WAS" bliss!
You won't want to miss one of the fabulous recipes,
 my fellow bloggers have to share.
You can find the complete schedule

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Oh, the top one has long been a favorite of mine! I had lost my recipe and hadn't gotten around to looking, so thanks for doing all the work for me! =) No, I'm not going looking for chocolate coated Ritz crackers!

  2. Look how cute that recipe card, that IS the cutest, I agree. I was meant to make these little cheesecake bites. They look so yummy! And now I need to check out that recipe from last year. The fight is real... Merry Christmas, my friend.

  3. Yay! They both look delicious so therefore both should be made and eaten I think!
    So I can now blame you for extra weight?
    Thanks for sharing the fun.

  4. Your post is right on! So many delicious goodies to try, and who can eat just one? The snowball cookies look delicious! I have to find that mint chocolate ritz "cookie" recipe--I'm sure I have it--those were good!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love those snowball cookies -- they melt in your mouth! I have to find that Ritz cracker recipe -- they sound yummy, and I'm wearing yoga pants, so I'm sure I have room -- hahahahaha!

  6. Your little snowball guy looks ready to take us all on...so cute! I'm really going to have to make both of those snowball cookies because I can already feel my thighs expanding so I may as well go for it full force. Thanks for being my make-me-smile friend and for hopping with us today! xo P.S. Val made the mint cookies last year (http://myplvl.blogspot.com/2017/12/thin-mint-crackers.html) and I made them a different year (https://www.justletmequilt.com/2013/11/ritzy-christmas-mint-cookies.html)...they are definitely one of my favorites!

  7. Cheesecake with pineapple is new. Need to try that! And what the what - mint chocolate on Ritz crackers? That sounds like a very odd combination for those salty crackers, odd enough that I might have to find that one to try it as well. And then I will blame you for next year's weight gain! Ha!

  8. Giggles, great post. Anything with pineapple is top of the list for me, add coconut and its all over. Unfortunately my DH doesn't share my love of coconut. Well actually that might be a good thing because I'll have to reserve this recipe for family get togethers only.

  9. My pecan ball recipe is similar to your Snowball recipe except it uses butter, sugar and almond flavoring instead of Crisco, honey and vanilla . Those Ritz crackers and mint chocolate sound delicious. Thanks for the recipes.

  10. Your humor is always so lovely!!!! And yes, such a cute recipe card! Thanks for sharing Adobe Spark idea with us! Such a fun blog hop This year!

  11. Yummy looking snowball treats. Think I would add a bit of rum extract to those Pineapple Snowballs for a Pina Colada taste. Cure Snowball Fight quilt. Tossing a snowball at you for your virtual snowball flight ... gotcha! ... :-) Pat

  12. Joan, that really is an adorable recipe card - the recipe sounds good too! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi Joan! Two snowball recipes and both look delicious. Your recipe card is so cute. I spent a lot of time finding a Word document/template so I could create a .pdf for downloading. I never thought of a cute online recipe card. Next year! Thanks for sharing - I love reading your posts. Happy Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  14. Cute recipe card and the recipes look yummy. As to the snowball cookies....now I want to try them. Also they must be healthy because cream cheese, coconut, pineapple and they are gluten free also.

  15. Well more delicious recipes to try. I like the fact the second one is a no bake recipe. Who doesn't like cheesecake? Well no one in my family. That is the only problem with the blog hop it may state it is a Virtual Cookie Exchange but who can resist trying them all. I know I can't.

  16. Super cute post and recipes! I'll have to try them including last years Chocolate mint coated Ritz crackers because I've forgotten all about them.

  17. Oh I remember my mom making those first cookies - they look awesome! and thanks for the adobe info!!

  18. Aren't recipes really interesting. The Snowball cookies you shared with us are nearly like the "Wedding Cakes" cookie recipe I have except that it has real butter in them. I am going to try that Cheesecake Snowball 'cookie', too. Both recipes sound wonderful. Love your Snow Ball Fight wall hanging; adorable! I'm off to check out that recipe card site.

  19. Your snowball cookies look yummy and the quilt is really cute. I think you may have to post that Ritz cracker recipe. you have me drooling here it sounds so interesting.

  20. Your recipe card is the cutest. Thanks for sharing where you made that. As for the cookies, they do look yummy. Cute snowman quilt too!

  21. Love the recipes - I think pecans are perfect the the Chistmas season baking (an no baking). Oh, I remember the Ritz crackers!!!

  22. I am resisting checking out all the recipes - at least so far. I don't know how long my resolve will hold though!!!

  23. What a fun post and I just might have to try one of those recipes....you always have a fun time on your blog...never a dull moment coming here.

  24. My Snowball recipe has chocolate kisses in the middle of the snowball. Really yummy, Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  25. Snowball cookies are so festive and delicious - my favorite is a peppermint version!


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