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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday break time...

Have you been following Marians 
12 Days of ...
over at "Seams to Be Sew"

She's been delighting us with her adorable designs for a very long time.
I just had to take a break from the holiday preparations, to put this one together.
Is he just the cutest?
Thanks Marian...you are one special lady.

Now it's back to getting ready for Christmas.
I've had the tree up for 3 days with no ornaments, just to see
how the kitties would do. It's not been too bad,
 so today it finally gets decorated.
While I'd love to think that Elf on the Shelf here, 
was really a threat to those kitties...
They aren't even scared of me most days.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love that snowman - he looks like he's partying at New Year's Eve! As for kitties and trees - our Mitzy used to think it was her job to inspect the inside of the tree and would climb up and hide in there every single year. She never knocked a single ornament off either.

  2. Your snowman is adorable, Joan! Love the purple and stripes! I remember our rescue kitty, Roxie, climbing our tree pretty soon after we brought her home. She came down pretty quickly and never tried that trick again, thankfully! I miss my kitties!

  3. Such a sweet snowman! Marian has definitely shared some cuties. :O)

  4. There are always distractions that take us away from what we are doing, but this one is so cute you really cannot complain!
    Good luck with the decorations.

  5. What a darling snowman! Beautiful work. Marian does share amazing designs. :)


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