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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bonus Day! (re-release)

There were some issues with the previous pattern.
I've changed up the pattern a bit, to hopefully make it easier for you to manage.
It's been double checked, triple checked and stitched out again.
Please re-download the pattern before you start piecing.
This is "May" Pole.

It's a really fun block, that can present challenges. If you are comfortable with 
the process of paper piecing, I urge you to give it a whirl.
I've included the colors that I used on the templates to hopefully make it a bit easier for you.
(I found color placement the biggest hurdle)
Pattern now available for $1.50 on link below
Please note what block it is you would like sent.

NOTE:  It is crucial that you print out your pattern full size, no paper scaling.
Every one's printer box will look a little different, but hopefully this will help.
"Actual size" is the verbiage on my printer.
On the paper piecing pattern I have drawn a 1" square box. Make sure that
once you print your pattern that the box measures 1" or you will have problems...

Speaking of problems, I've had a few emails about the pieced block this month, not
coming out to size. Again it's crucial that the pattern is printed actual size.
I did put a ruler to my block and it does come out to 10.5"
It's the triangle block that I believe is causing some issues.
I might suggest that you trace your pieces onto Freezer Paper 
Iron them on your block and cut them out that way.
For those of you with Tri Recs rulers, you can tape the pattern to the back of them
and cut out your pieces.
Note: the pattern pieces are not a standard size on the ruler.
(I, for the life of me can't find my triangle ruler)
But you get what I mean!
The hand drawn directions are included in the pattern because EQ gives them to us.
I personally do not use them, but we all have different ways of doing things, so I included them.
(They are a great reference for double checking the size, 
of each of your block pieces before you start cutting)
Lay piece "C" over "B" and stitch. The corners on the template make it easy to line up.
Stitch and press open
Lay "D" on opposite side, stitch and press open.
As you can see, it is a bit oversize. This allows you to trim down to correct size.
Just watch your 1/4" seam so you don't loose your points.
The 4 patch blocks start out with 2 1/8" blocks. Careful cutting and piecing is a must.
Construct your block in thirds. Each one should measure 3 3/4" square. 
That will yield a perfect 10 1/2" block.
I do hope this will help you.
Oh my...I inadvertently left off a few of the numbers for a flower on this block too!
Here is an updated page 2. It likely won't print to scale, 
so I suggest you just add the changes to your already printed page
 or make a note of them for future use.
I used a red pen, but it's still hard to see where the changes are...
It's Q1   H2 and I2.

I do apologize for the errors. While I do my best, I am not a pattern designer.
I do not have the knowledge of pattern writing, or the bells and whistles that other designers have.
The BOM is free and we all do our best to make sure it's 100% correct,
but things do happen and rest assure, we will fix it to the best of our abilities.
"Google" is a wonderful resource if your need help constructing a  block. 
I've found a gazillion tutorials, U-Tube videos, etc with a quick search. 
Some days it's my saving grace!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Thank you Joan for the bonus block. Although I am not a fan of paper piecing I do love this block so I am going to give it a try.

  2. Hej Joan,
    what a great Pattern for the block, thank you :0) I love Paper piecing- my top of the Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt is now ready...perhaps will you see it on the blog? :0) best wishes from Denmark, Ulrike :0)

  3. Great work with the block. You have been busy again!

  4. Love this pattern and the May blocks are so super fun. THANK YOU!!!!

  5. I love your paper-pieced block. Thank you for the pattern!

  6. I love paper piecing but this pattern did not work at all for me - it was impossible for the corner pieces to match up the same way you did the pattern. Have the corner pieces accidentally been mirror flipped or something? Your other two patterns have come out fantastically well so thanks

    1. I've tried to reply to you, but your a no reply blogger. The cover photo was flipped. If you keep going and use the photo in this new pattern, it will work out. I am so sorry for the problems with the photo. I've learning my way thru pattern writing. This was a big lesson for me. :-O

  7. You've explained it in a very nice way.

  8. Thank you Joan...somehow, I missed the bonus block! I had no trouble at all with the other blocks...triangles were perfect!

  9. I cant find the 2 other patterns. I have the first downloaded but I have been sick and I cant find the pattern for the second and the bonus. Can anyone please help?

  10. OMG I LOVE this block... a teeny tiny little suggestion for you... a long time ago someone suggested for me to place a 1-inch square on your template pages, thus people can measure that square to see if there printer is printing at the proper size. You could also place the measurements of each shape on the shapes so people who don't have that triangular ruler (and I personally think we all should have one) can get there measurements correct. It's just a thought and I hope you won't be offended by my suggestions. You know I love you!!!


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