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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Getaway Blog Hop with "Island Batik"

Welcome to my day to share this gorgeous line of fabric, 
that "Island Batik" provided me.
I was so excited when I opened my surprise package of fabric.
These colors, just speak to my soul.
But when they announced the theme of this blog hop...
it was a "EUREKA" moment.
There's been a pattern in my stash for over 10 years now...
just waiting for the perfect fabric and inspiration.
You see...
there is nothing I love more, than getting away to my favorite spot on the planet.
This spot is a place where there are spectacular views 
and "SnowBerry" could be a real thing!
While many are packing their bags for the surf and sand,
there are no palm trees in my favorite spot!
This is...
Does that give you a hint?
Alaska of course!
 In the winter, its a great place to see the "Northern Lights" dance across the sky.
These fabrics are just so "Alaska" to me...
the deer, the snow, the pine needles and trees!
Oh how I love, how they play and dance across the quilt, 
just like in my dreams, when I close my eyes.
While I spend most of my time on the Kenai Peninsula when I visit, 
I did get to take a trip up to Barrow, 
where the "lights" are spectacular in the winter.
We were welcomed with just a few moments of sunshine.
Our adventure included a trip out to Point Barrow, 
the northern most point of North America...
...where we stumbled on a sleeping walrus, 
keeping our distance...letting sleeping walruses lie!
There were remnants of a "Bowhead" whale.
Whaling is legal for the native Alaskans in Barrow.
They literally use everything from the whale for their survival, 
and leave the few remains on the beach for the polar bears.
Yes, I did try "Muktuk"...Whale blubber that the "Inuit" native Alaskans eat.
It was kind of like chewing on your tennis shoes, 
but when am I ever going to get that opportunity again? 
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the polar bears,
 as the ice had just gone out to sea.
But that made it safe for us to hike out to the tip, of the point.
There is something surreal about standing at the edge of a continent...
The "Arctic Ocean" on 3 sides of you.
It was summer time when we were there, so there was no Borealis
 (Northern Lights).
One of these days, I hope to be able to return to see them in the winter.
It's that whole 65 degrees below zero thing though, and I'm old!
I can't help but look at these photos and the fabrics from this gorgeous line.
The "steely" cold of the arctic is so well represented.
Kathy Engle had to be in my head when she designed it. ;-)

Sunshine...much like in Barrow, changes the colors in this quilt.
...we all know the difference lighting can make. 
It really makes colors come to life...
I knew this entire project was met to be, 
when I stumbled on the tour buttons we wore.
Just one more thing was needed, to complete my perfect memory project!
 Meet "William the Whale".
Oh my goodness, if you've never seen Pauline's babies, you have to check them out
This quilt has brought back so many incredible memories, as I stitched it.
For me, that's what quilting is all about.
I couldn't dream of a better "tribute",  than this!
Thank you "Island Batik" for allowing me to re-visit my favorite "Getaway"
 with these fabrics.
For those of you interested in the pattern, it is from Aardvark Quilts.
It's a paper pieced pattern that has since been renamed "Bouja".
This is my old pattern...but it looks very different on their website HERE, now.
Oh...and if you remember my post last year, from the "Starstruck" Challenge...
Binding those uneven edges just about did me in!
I wasn't about to let it get the best of me, so I did it again, 
only this time using binding!
"U-Tube" to the rescue.
I am delighted to say, I have conquered it, and darn happy I did!
 "Island Batik" is offering a wonderful giveaway, you will want to check out
Someone is going away with a fabulous fat quarter assortment!
"Happy Dance"
Well now, I guess I have to retract my statement about no palm trees at my getaway location...
I completely forgot about these, created by a someone with a great sense of humor.
If you don't have trees...just build your own, from driftwood.
 After all, life is all about making due with what you have and enjoying it!
Don't you agree?
One last thing...
If you love beautiful "Northern Light" photos, I suggest that you visit
Sebastian Saarloos on Facebook
He takes to most incredible photos you have ever seen.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I love someone's humor to make a tree. That cracked me up. I grew up in WV where we had lots of trees. My father planted pine trees on the hill behind our house in different years to help control soil erosion. Of course, my dad was an ag major and knew what to do. Thanks for taking me along on memory lane. That was a fantastic trip for me. I imagine that the folks around MN and northern IL are thinking about the folks up there. I hear on the news they are experiencing temps around -45F -not windchill temps - thermometer temps. I cannot imagine standing on the apex of a continent. WOW! I hope you get to go again. Thanks for being an ambassador and especially sharing.

  2. Such a wonderful post and beautiful quilt. Loved the Alaskan photos as well.

  3. What a fascinating quilt pattern!! It really looks great in Snow Berry.

  4. thanks for your sharing, like your quilt

  5. Your quilt is wonderful. You are right - the fabrics are perfect for this design.
    And it is obviously special for you with the memories it brings to mind.
    When do you think you will be going back to Alaska again?

  6. Wow, that is just amazing! And I couldn't help but notice the arcs in the quilt mimic the arch-like thing you are standing under in the edge of the continent photo. I'm off to check out the pattern, thanks for sharing!

  7. Your quilt is gorgeous! And your photos make me want to go to Alaska.

  8. Thanks for taking us on your Getaway. The Borealis quilt is lovely. I have never been to Alaska - but if I went it would need to be summer, too. That cold is too much for my old bones.

  9. Joan, Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I loved seeing your pictures of Alaska. I have never been there, but have heard so many nice things about it. I would very much like to see the Northern Lights.

  10. WOW your quilt is gorgeous. And of course William is pretty snazzy himself.
    Thank you for sharing and for inspiring.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  11. I love this fabric line so much! You have really showcased it well. Such great work! And thanks for the Alaska trip recap. I enjoyed it.

  12. I love your quilt! That pattern you picked works so perfectly for those fabrics! And throughout this whole blog hop I keep saying that the current set of fabric is my favorite, but I think this one might actually be it. I love blues and purples and it all blends so beautifully. Your Alaska trip sounds wonderful and I would love to head up there too someday.

  13. Love the quilt. My husband has been to Alaska but I have not had the pleasure...maybe one day. Loved your post

  14. Love your quilt and the story! Thank you for sharing.

  15. On my bucket list to see the Northern Lights from Alaska (or Scandinavia)!! We do get them sometimes in Washington, but everything has to be perfect for that to happen and they don't really "fill the sky"!! Love your version and I really like your edge - unexpected!!!

  16. Very pretty quilt! Enjoy your day!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom :-) :-)

  17. OH, JOAN...simply stunning! This is my kind of quilt, and you've done an awesome job. Love your post about Alaska, I hope to go there someday too.

  18. Lived in Anchorage for 30+ years, raised 3 children there - next time you visit the Kenai, check in with my friend Jeanne at the Bearly Threaded Quilt shop and say hello from me! The quilt you made is fantastic - very labor insensitive!

  19. What a gorgeous quilt! That's a lot of corners to bind in one quilt - but I love the look.

  20. The photos and stories about the FAR north always intrigue me so much, love the photo of you under the huge bones, the farthest you could be, and boat frames as well.Your quilt epitomises all that is there. using those fabrics beautifully,I can see more of Alaska each time I look back at each photo.

  21. Loved your travelog, Joan! (The quilt is pretty spectacular, too!

  22. Fabulous story behind
    your quilt. It looks
    gorgeous and love the
    Carla from Utah

  23. Oh my gosh!!! This is beautiful!! want to see the lights someday too.

  24. Your quilt is so perfect. Loved reading this post and your love of Alaska. Hubby wants to go and I hope he enjoys it while I'm basking in warm sunshine down south. Lol.

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  30. I loved this post, Joan! We lived in Igloolik, Nunavut for 6 years and your pictures certainly brought back memories :) Your quilt is gorgeous and I loved the palm tree picture!

  31. Thank you for sharing the pictures, and about your time! Awesome!! But your quilt is Awesome!! Definitely see Alaska in the colors & the icey shadings!! Love it!!

  32. Wonderful post and amazing quilt. Thanks for taking us on an Alaskan journey. Years ago, I went to Kenya. There, I was brave and tried different wild game. I was young and adventurous. Now, I'm not sure I would try the Alaskan delicacy.

  33. Beautiful!!!! Great colors, and I agree that this collection looks like Alaska, though I've only been in (late) spring and no Northern Lights for me. I love William the Whale!

  34. I love that your trip gave such great inspiration! Your quilt is amazing!

  35. Beautiful quilt! I enjoyed seeing your getaway pictures, too.

  36. The quilt is amazing and I know it was a lot of work.

  37. Very very nice tytyty for sharing your talents with us....love the fabric wow...happyness04431@yahoo.com

  38. I loved everything about your post! The Alaska photos and stories, and the story of the quilt is fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing this! The northern lights are on my bicket list!

  39. Wow! Gorgeous quilt Joan!! William was made for it too. Enjoyed your Alaska story also.

  40. Love the "palm trees" and the pics you shared from your trip. I would love to visit Alaska but would need a week or two to drive, time there and a week or two to drive back home, as I don't like to fly! Maybe one day when DH retires! LOL This collection and your quilt are both stunning! I think this is my favorite collection and that is hard for me to say as I love them all! Thanks for sharing, Joan!

  41. I loved reading the recap of the memories made on your Alaskan trip, and seeing you and Steve in the photos ... but the quilt really did do it for me. It's absolutely beautiful, and I can see why the colors of the fabrics immediately spoke to your heart of Alaska. The binding on this one is a bit daunting ... but I just might have to get the pattern and give this one a try. Hugs to both of you!

  42. Gorgeous, and I love the edging. I hope to see Northern Lights, one day, as well.

  43. Joan - your quilt is amazing visually, and as a little bit of an obsessor over auroras, I love it all the more. I have just been very distracted on Sebastians fb page, thanks for the recommend. Alaska in a solar maximum would be one of my ideal getaways.

  44. Joan, This is an amazing quilt and I think I've got that pattern...somewhere. Nice pictures. Fun to see all the tourist too.

  45. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt and your terrific trip!

  46. I love the colours of your quilt! Thank you for giving us the chance to win the gift away!

  47. Wonderful project(s), Joan! I love this line! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Beautiful quilt! It actually reminds me of sharks teeth but it is very pretty. I enjoyed the pics of your visit to Alaska. Someday I may get there....sigh. Would love to see the northern lights for real. Thanks for links to the pics and also to the stuffies patterns.


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