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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Dust Off a Quilt Book Blog Hop

Well now...I have Bea to thank, for making me clean up my sewing room.
When she suggested this hop, I was all for it...
until I realized what I mess I had!
Books were piled everywhere and getting to the bookcase,
 was a disaster in the making!
The shelves were a mess...
But after a day of cleaning and sorting...
There's even a path to that bookcase now...let the fun begin.
Quilt Book Roulette!
Round and round and round she goes...where she stops...
Oh, this is a good one.
And, it's been on that shelf for years!
This book has you piece your background, then add appliques on top.
I pulled out my hand dyes, and went to work.
It's a terrible photo...
The colors are much brighter...but I will talk about that later.
Then flowers and leaves...

and these big gorgeous blooms!
Made for a garden that commands attention, from all of the room.
I can't believe this book sat on the shelf for so many years.
 I got to play a little with "thread painting", which was a blast!
I mentioned the color of my background...
and I know you can see a big difference in my photos.
In the midst of this, I bought a light setup.
It makes me laugh, it's so professional looking... for me anyway!
It really is amazing how much difference good lighting can make.
There is going to be a learning curve I'm sure, but I'm liking things so far.
No more playing with the colors in my photo program.
I'm "sew" glad that Bea helped me find this great book in my stash.
It isn't going back on that shelf anytime soon. 
There are some really fun things I just have to try!

in that process of cleaning off my shelves...
I am re-homing a few things, I know I won't use again.
The "Creative Expressions" is a Jenny Haskins machine embroidery magazine from Australia. 
It is a complete set from Volume 1-28.
They ranged from $9 to $12 while they were available here in the USA.
If you are interested in this "set" please contact me,
and we can negotiate.
For the other 2 books...just pay the postage is all I ask.
First come...first serve on these 2.
I have a feeling this is going to be a use it, or loose it year.
So keep an eye out...you never know when I've got something else,
 that needs a new home.
Up to and including kids, pets, hubby...(just kidding)!
But once I get thru all these books.....

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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Well that's a beauty you've made from that old book. So happy that Bea challenged us back to those books. Hope to find plenty of new ideas in the blog hop this week.

  2. Wow, so gorgeous! I'm glad to see someone else has a bookshelf like mine. I just love quilt books, but may have gone overboard buying them! I have the book you used, and hope to be able to find it so I can make something gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh what a great project and to think it was their along just waiting to be let out. Gorgeous!!

  4. That's a lot of books! And awesome quilt! Tell me more about your lighting!!

  5. I laughed at your bookshelf - all of mine are like that---bulging at the seams. I need to do some more "re-homing" or donating.
    The quilt looks great and I love your lighting setup.

  6. Wow that is a gorgeous quilt! Wonderfully pieced background and absolutely gorgeous applique. Beautiful colors. Love the Quilt Book Roulette! I should play that more often! Nice that the hop got you to clean your room and buy lighting.

  7. Impressive collection of books! Wonderful book you selected and what a beautiful project to work on. I need to work on setting up an area for better photo work, but any type of 'wall' hanging area becomes a new playground for the furkids.

  8. What an awesome quilt and the perfect spring colors to warm me up after shoveling 4" of snow from the latest storm!! Your lighting set up is totally professional and will be so wonderful for you to use during these dreary days of winter!

  9. I have to have that book, so I went and found it and downloaded it. Thanks for sharing, love your projects, and your photography set up. WOW!

  10. How fun it is to go back through our old books, I've picked through mine and realized there are many I will not ever be using even though they are still just fun to look through for inspiration!

  11. What a wonderful piece of work, lovin the thread painting. Your collection of dusty ole books is very impressive.

  12. Oh, I have that book....somewhere.... Your quilt is simply beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. Wow, do I love your quilt. It looks like a sunny window box to me. I can't wait for Spring to really begin. The first daffodil bloomed on Saturday morning in the pouring down rain. Have a fabulous day!

  14. You had an extensive library from which to choose! Congratulations on your new lighting set up; that will make a big difference. Good job with the detail work on your flowers too!

  15. I have this book and I love your quilt! Sew colorful and bright it warms my cold snowy day. Please do not enter me in your lovely giveaway. I have way too many quilt books and magazines to sew through. Thank you for sharing this book in the hop ... :) Pat

  16. Great light! Very cool! Your flower garden quilt is so amazing! Great colors! I like your bookshelves. Very neat! It's cool you're rehoming a couple things! There's new quilters every day, I'm sure! :-)Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your day! :-) :-)

  17. The flowers are just stunning in this quilt! I bought a light box (it's huge) for smaller photos and it makes a big difference in the lighting. Now I have to buy lights like yours to keep up with you! LOL

  18. wow this quit is gorgeous. i love your flower painting
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  19. I just have to say that I LOOOOOVVVEE this.....oh my gosh...just amazing

  20. Beautiful! I love the flowers on a grey wintry BC day, it’s nice to see something to make me think of spring and summer! It seems to be a year for sorting and purging! I just donated over 100 books to my Guild library and have to sort my keepers again to downsize some more. Your idea for a way of rehoming is a great one!
    Carol Andrews

  21. What a fabulous quilt. So glad you managed to find your way to the bookcase. :)

  22. I love the colours in your latest creation (with or without the new lighting!). Wish I could sit and have a grand read through all those magazines, but alas I don't need to own them (and b'sides, the postage would be a killer!!).

  23. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I am amazed at how the pieces that created the flowers; they gave the such depth!

  24. Joan, your quilt is gorgeous!!

  25. WOWZERS, your blooms are gorgeous and love the background too. You will love your new lighting. I've been having fun with lighting and backgrounds. So much to learn, but it's fun to see all the new ideas.

  26. Very very nice.They look so real love it..

  27. WOW! A bunch of great stuff....ideas of how to attempt to keep my stash neater...beautiful quilts to dream of "someday I'll have the skill to do that"......and the photos and set up! If you're ever in need of an idea for a blog post, I'd love to hear more about your photography set up....what camera do you use.....more about the set up and how it works, etc. My photos are from my phone so not great in quality, and it would be interesting to learn how to do it better! Thanks for sharing

  28. Oh what lovely sunflowers....great quilt book pick...

  29. Since I love sunflowers, I really love your sunflower quilt!!!! I have always wanted to get a photograph lighting set up in my house, but I don't have any place to set one up. House is too small and no place to put the photo equipment if I put it away and cannot leave it up. So natural outdoor lighting is the only way I can shoot photos. Today it's snowing and lots of days here in the Spring it is too windy outdoors. I do what I can.

  30. What an absolutely awesome little quilt! The flowers jump right out to make my day. Thanks for sharing!

  31. What an amazing quilt. The joy you are feeling came through your post. That was fun to hear - quilting should be fun.

  32. Wow wow wow wow wow. Appliqué on piecing is always my favourite, but this one's a ripper. You never disappoint. Was actually surprised when I saw it in context though... until then it was larger than life in my head. A lighting setup is on my birthday list, so I'd love to know more about yours. By then it will be winter and I will need it even more than now. Your kitties can live with me, but I'm not taking extra kids or hubbies at the moment. lol.

  33. Oh My Gosh! This quilt is BEAUTIFUL! You should be SOOOOO happy you found that book. You are an artist. Good lighting is very important to photography as I am learning. The lighting setup might be my next purchase. I'll pass on your wonderful books since I have so many of my own to go through.

  34. I've been weaning my books too this year. How did I get so many. That is quite the setup for photographing your quilts. The lighting is so important. Love your beautiful flowers.

  35. Your Book Quilt is SPECTACULAR!!! Enjoy your new lighting set-up. I could have used that tonight when trying to get a good shot of my Show Your Wings Blog Hop entry!

  36. I am sure we all have books sitting on the shelves with quilts we want to make. Great idea to take the challenge.
    Love the result for you and it looks like you have had a lovely play with the threads.
    The lighting looks like a great idea. It is so hard to get a good photo so this should be a bonus.

  37. I love sunflowers and you did an absolutely fantastic job on this quilt! It is beautiful!

  38. You have a lot of books! Wow, this is such a great quilt. Beautiful! I'm going to have to check out that book. I'm always amazed at how much work you do. I'm like the slowest sewer ever. lol Are you taking your photos in the basement? I'm just wondering how much natural light you have. It always seems I need to take photos at night because of being so busy during the day. I've been thinking of getting a photography setup.

  39. What a gorgeous quilt! I love the colours in your flowers and the thread painting looks perfect. Your lighting setup does look very professional :) I still need to invest in some lights myself.

  40. Hi Joan, what an amazing quilt. I'm pretty sure that I have a digital copy book - I think that it's time to find it!

  41. This is amazing!! You definitely have a beautiful flower garden in your room! I may just have to find that book!


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