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Saturday, September 14, 2019

A Blast to the Past in the Sewing Room

I certainly hope you spent your Saturday doing something more fun,
than I did.
I've put off cleaning out the little room off my sewing room, 
and under the stairs for entirely too long.
Today was clean it up, day.
While most of it was boring boxes of stuff that ended up in the trash,
I did stumble on my Mother in law's sewing box that I've had, 
since she passed away over 10 years ago.
I was really like looking through a treasure trove, of sorts.
It's amazing what we collect, and sadly I'm no exception!
I had to laugh, when I saw that she had rolled up ribbon
 and kept it nice in neat with a Christmas Card she had cut up.
She carefully marked what she was going to use things on.
I'm not sure if I'm more shocked at the sticker price of the machine needles 
or the fact that she kept one with a burr on it!
Here's a blast to the past. Montgomery Wards needles for 65 cents!
I really needed needle threaders recently.
Who knew I had 3 packs of them here.
These were a quarter from Woolworth's. I loved that store, 
and it's long been gone, too.
This puzzled me. A one size fits all embroidery guide.
I can't imagine if or how it works, but it was only a buck, which 
was probably a lot of money in those days.
I have a jar that I keep some of the classics in.
Check out this "Advance" sewing pattern, that was 35 cents.
And how about the white fabric from Penneys...
Did you catch that price tag?
I found these not only fascinating but too funny!
Who better to have "witch" pins that myself?
Yep, if you've followed me for long, you've likely seen my witchy photo.
These are more JC Penny treasurers.
I'm not sure exactly what the price is. 
Could it really be 4 cents?
I had to save the best for the last...
War time package!
 Here's the"vault" to not only store, but show off these treasurers, 
in my sewing room.
After today, it's getting pretty full.
Full of love and yester-years sewing supplies!
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. That is awesome, I love the war-time package pre-war quality needles!! Wow, what a little treasure trove! Great way to display too, in the old mason jar. That actually looks like a fun afternoon.

  2. That monogram embroidery guide, from the photo, rather looks like a couching foot! I wonder if you could find a machine it would fit and try it out??!! What fun sewing things you inherited!!!

  3. What wonderful treasures and putting them in that cool jar is a great idea!

  4. You had a lot more fun than I did. I cleaned out the shed and it took me from 11 am to 8:30 pm. Had to put up a "fence" so no little skunks would come join my party. Thankfully none was in the shed because a couple weeks ago we had 5 little ones come out. I had to fix several places they were getting in last weekend. I was covered head to foot in dirt and grime. I love those Made in England crewel needles. Everything was a blast looking at. Thanks

  5. I worked at JCP back in the day. I remember the fabric department! THanks for the memories! Sharon

  6. From the photo of the embroidery foot - and the directions on it, I would say it is really a couching foot to couch down the braided cord for a monogram.

  7. I worked after school and summers at S.H. Kress. Cotton fabric was $0.15/yard. Really good fabric at the fabric store was a little more. All patterns were $0.35 and sometimes less. What a trip down memory lane!

  8. It is so much fun to see those things. I have mason jars too, of old threads and a few treasures....I love it. So fun that you did clean it out - and those notes - priceless.

  9. I too have some old treasures but yours are a cut above. Lucky you to have such a treasure trove.

  10. It's so fun to find and go through treasures of yesteryear. What will they be saying of our stuff someday? Thanks for sharing all this amazing history.

  11. What a wonderful find, and reminder of your mother-in-law. My MIL passed away earlier this year and I received two antique Singer sewing machines as well as a lot of little boxes of sewing items. It was a lot of fun, and quite touching, to go through her sewing history. I also received all her yarn and am knitting an afghan using some of it.

  12. You made my day! I've got some of those goodies too and try to change out the displays so I can enjoy looking at them. Just for me--others would think it was junk.

  13. What a delightful afternoon you had going down someone else's memory lane!

  14. Wow, what wonderful memories, Joan! I loved Woolworth's too. My aunt worked at THE Fashion Shop in Montgomery and when I would go stay with her and my uncle, she would take me to work with her and I'd play in the back with the alterations ladies. At lunch we would go across the street and sit at the lunch counter at Woolworth's and then she'd walk me to a movie, leave me (after warning me to NOT move until she got back), and walk back to get me when the movie was over. It's too unsafe to do that now, but back in the day we didn't have problem! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us and reminding me of great childhood memories!

  15. Such wonderful sewing treasures you discovered. The war package is definitely a great find. And the witchy pins brought a chuckle.Thanks for sharing.

  16. What wonderful finds! Glad you know they are worth keeping and didn't toss them.
    Love the idea of displaying them in the jar. Great idea.
    The earliest dress patterns I have here are my own from the mid 60s. That's old enough for me.
    Hope you have a load of space after the clean out. I have my last boxes ready to go out from all our sorting - finally!

  17. What fun! I just a bunch of useless things from my mother in law's sewing stuff. Threads you can't really save... maybe cool spools! What a clever way of storing them!

  18. Really cool post, those witch pins are so you and I love how yo stored them in the canning jar. Hope you got those areas cleaned so you can throw in some more "old" trash for another great memory ride in a few years or so. :p


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