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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Child Play with "Island Batik"

This month it's all about "Child's Play" with 
"Accuquilt" has generously given me one of their new "BOB" dies.
What's a "BOB" you ask...
Block on Board!
Yep, everything you need to make a block all in one die.
I received the "Crossed Canoe" die and
 decided that a little "play on words" was in order, for this challenge.
Here you have...
"You Canoe It"
Life is tough and the best thing we can do for our kids is to 
inspire them to be their best, and let them know that,
 they "CANOE" anything they put their minds to
don't you think?
While the actual canoe isn't a die, the beautiful background
 is made of "crossed canoe" blocks.
I've been hoarding/saving this beautiful stack, of fat eighths from the 
 Blue Moon collection that "Island Batik" gave me.
The time had come...this project just called for me to use it.
All those colors were perfect for these blocks.
It's amazing just what you can do with fat eighths.
That's all it took to make the crossed canoe blades.

As for the canoe...
I searched online for free clipart, and enlarged it.
It was just what I needed to complete my little play on words!
A big thanks to "Accuquilt" and "Island Batik".
I do hope you've enjoyed my "Child's Play".

"Accuquilt" makes these blocks so easy to stitch together, that
you "canoe" it too.
Are you interested in this die? If you act quickly, it's on sale
 *an affiliate link

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Oh so perfectly planned out for child's Play. You, my friend, canoe word play perfectly too. Love this quilt.

  2. I love this! The real canoe is fabulous, and you were right to save/hoard these fabrics for this project--perfect match!

  3. Beautiful! Love all the blues and the pop if the red canoe.

  4. Love your canoe quilt. The canoe and the writing along the border are so cool. I got the same die and I’m about to start my quilt but it doesn’t look like a canoe :-)

  5. Your canoe quilt is absolutely stunning, the appliqued canoe and the words are the icing on the cake! Well done!

  6. Lovely to see the way you have used the block. Very effective with those gorgeous blues, too. Love the canoe in the corner along with the words of encouragement.
    Glad to see you could get outside for photos at the pond. It looks so good!! Everything is growing well.

  7. I had those Blue Moon fabrics, and I loved them to pieces! I adore your quilt, always a fan of a bit of wordplay myself, and a great use of your die in relation to the challenge. Thanks for the smiles.

  8. How cool and creative! Great work!

  9. Wonderful use of the canoe block and what a nice message! Perfectly wonderful, comforting and supportive quilt for the young scholar.

  10. What an adorable quilt. The canoe block is new to me. 'Will have to try that one.

  11. That's so cute, Joan! The red canoe just makes it perfect, and I love your saying down the side. A perfect gift for almost anyone, and so many colors it could be made from.

  12. Love that moose block, and it looks like a great book. I've not seen that technique before, will have to give it a try out. The "You Canoe It" quilt is fabulous, I love the block and the canoe was an inspirational idea. Thanks for sharing today Joan.


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