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Monday, October 21, 2019

Flying High

It's as exciting for me, watching on the ground,
as it was for these guys just lifting off.
It was "International Balloon Fiesta" time in Albuquerque NM again.
Actually I've been home for a week, but...whew time has escaped me.
It starts early...6am early, when the "Dawn Patrol" lights up the sky.
They lift off early, to check out the winds aloft.
The "Fiesta" starts at 7am, 
when the sky fills with between 500-600 balloons daily.
There are always new balloons to see. Lots of new animals this year.
Animals were on the ground also...
This is a Zebra.
They are launch directors who help the pilots get off the ground safely.
They always crack me up with their outfits.
This gal had a fun look to her...
(I usually have that whole, different shoes and socks thing going on
 from dressing in the dark)
But when she turned around...
OMG she was a he, complete with a beard!
Yep, that takes one confident guy, to leave the house looking like this.
Lets face it, he's balloon fashion "runway" ready!
It was this guy, who got my vote for the most inspirational pilot of the day.
I almost had a heart attach, when he fell out of his wheelchair
 and it shot away from him.
Then I realized that he was scooting on his back to the balloon seat. 
He had to pick up his legs with his hands and move them into place...
As the balloon inflated and righted it's self, he sat up proudly in the pilot seat.
And the crowd went crazy cheering him on.
I have to say, it was just one of those moments you were proud to witness.
It gives you a whole new perspective on the term "Handi-capable"
We couldn't have picked a better day to go.
Blue skies filled with balloons.
A dog gone good day, you might say.
This week the "Nifty Novelties" blog hops starts.

Thursday, October 24

Friday, October 24

Monday, October 28

If that's not exciting in itself...
has provided us all with giveaways!
Just look at all those fabulous fat quarter bundles!
Each of us will have a part of these goodies to give away.
You won't want to miss out on that now will you?

I'm excited to share my project on Friday...
til then...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. What a wonderful day. I think you should take that second photo and use it to design and make a quilt.

  2. Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures of Balloon Fest. I live in Santa Fe, but we didn't go this year. I remember a Christmas Eve long ago when the lit up the balloons as giant luminarias - gorgeous.

  3. Sounds like quite an adventure! Love the photo with all the balloons in the sky. So many balloons! We went to a balloon show once but there were only 3 balloons and the weather did not cooperate for them to go up in the sky.

  4. Many years ago there was a hot air balloon festival in central Illinois that we attended several times. I loved it when they all took off -- it was like Christmas ornaments hanging in the sky. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  5. I always love this post when you show us photos of your time at the festival. The balloons are always amazing. Thanks for the great pics and the stories to go with them.

  6. Would love to see this! Thank you for the virtual share - how spectacular with all those colorful baloons in the blue sky.

  7. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos! Going to the balloon fiesta is on my bucket list!

  8. I can't imagine seeing all those amazing balloons in one place. Here, it's a huge novelty if we even see one (and it's usually here once a year promoting one of the local real estate companies...not very exciting!)

  9. Glad you had a good time Joan. I saw a lot of balloons flying over my house on a few of the days. Still see balloons in the sky every morning and never tire of seeing them. You got some great photos. And yes those Zebras can be pretty funny the way they dress. Weatherman here Steve Stucker is also a hoot with his tall balloon hat and all those balloon pins he wears he wears every year.

  10. Oh, wow! I’d love to see such a spectacle! I remember when I used to get so excited just to see three or four balloons floating past my mom's house in Augusta, Maine many moons ago.


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