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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Gansey Crochet

Gansey Crochet caught my eye, and it was time to step back
and dig out my crochet hook!
These "retro" looking dish towels reminded me of my grandmother
and the dress type towels, she used to love to make.
It's been years since I crocheted, but with a little brushing up on things,
I was able to complete these 2 sets of towel/hot pads.
If you look close, you'll see that there are different stitches in each set.
It reminds me of "Fisherman" knit stitches a bit.
They hang nicely from the oven handle.
This is Annie's Signature Designs Gansey Towel Topper and Hot pad pattern
you can find
Don't crochet you say...
Have you heard about Jonah?
He's a young man with a passion for crochet.
His 6 part series is ideal for children but also great for teens and adults, too.
Take advantage of the trial membership in Annie's Creative Studio.
You can check it out  by clicking on the photo below

He's also written a book
Hello Crochet Friends
that chronicles the extraordinary life of this 11 year old.
What an inspiration!

I'm so hooked on this, that I've just bought a pattern for a crochet cowl.,
that I hope to share soon.

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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Looks like you did not have a lot of trouble finding those skills again.
    Lovely work with these gorgeous sets.

  2. Oh my! Those are terrific. I don’t think my crochet skills are there, but this might cause me to up my game!

  3. Love your towels and pot holders!!! They are both gorgeous and had me trying to figure out what stitches you used!!

  4. So you are a crochet master too..... so multi-talented! I have followed Jonah on IG for a while, just out of awe because I don't crochet. But my 11 year old does, and she likes to keep an eye on Jonah's genius.

  5. I really like these! I made towel hangers for Christmas gifts a couple of years ago but they weren't half as nice as these.


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