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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop

It's creepy and it's kooky...
Mysterious and spooky...
It's all together ooky...
It's Carol's "Witchy Stitchy" blog hop...
and my favorite time of the year!
This is "BooTacular" from FatCatPatterns.com
 (you know I just couldn't resist taking a picture in front of my toilet planters)
There were no tricks, just treats in this one!
All these blocks just make me smile!
You can find this pattern and lots of other fun holiday ones
Thanks Sindy for a great BOM last year.
I'm a Halloween junkie, as you all know...
"Sew" I just couldn't stop myself with one project!
This is "Witch Way"...aka  "Don't Drink and Fly"
There's just something about this witch...OK and her wine, too!
I've got a little surprise for you.
I've written the pattern for it, just for this hop.
You can download it for free right
Please note that you will also need to download the the script part,
 from "Design Bundles"
It is a free design, but you will need to sign up for a FREE account.
You might want to consider signing up for their newsletters, as 
they offer lots of weekly freebies.
We all love the word "FREE" don't we?
Hurry over and download this, as I can't promise it will be up forever!

The "Witch" is compliments of  "PurpleKittyYarns". They have
graciously given me permission to use it in the pattern and share it with all of you.
I've added a link to them on my sidebar. 
Check out all the fun things they have to offer.
I hope you have had a "Witchy Stitchy" good time.
I know you won't want to miss any other "Witchy" posts, from my fellow bloggers.

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Both of your pieces are amazing! I really love the all the characters in the quilt, and your fabric and color choices are great.

  2. Cute quilts. Good choices they both made me laugh.

  3. Aaaack, this is so freaky amazing! I love all those different blocks and you, of course, made it look incredibly beautiful with your "Witchy Stitchy" magic. The toilet in the background cracks me up! That face on the witch is adorable, too. Thanks for sharing your creepy goodness with us today...I love it all! xo

  4. I have only finished my top for the Fat Cat pattern. Yours turned out fa-boo-lous. And your witch is way too much fun. Thank you for the pattern.

  5. Love both of these quilts! The Fat Cat quilt is so colorful and perfectly done, but my favorite is the witch surrounded by the churn dash blocks. Her expression is perfect for the quote!

  6. Love your projects! I always do :) Thanks so much for the pattern. It's super cute. Feel like I could use a glass of wine, witch way was it again?

  7. Gracious, that quilt is just darling! I love cutsie spooky ... fun and fabulous! And thank you for the darling pattern!!! :)

  8. I knew you would have something super fun and you didn't disappoint!

  9. Both your quilts are so much fun!!! Absolutely perfect for Halloween! Thank you so much for the pattern for "Witch Way to the Wine".

  10. This is one of the cutest! Thank you so much!!!!
    Carol O

  11. Great patterns! Love Fat Cat patterns, always so cute! Witch Way... would be just perfect for my DIL. Thank you!

  12. Your work is always amazing. Thank you for the great pattern.

  13. You have some amazingly creative Halloween quilts! Thanks for the pattern!

  14. This is fantastic! Thank you, as always, for sharing!

  15. Oh, Oh, Oh, my friend. These are both so over the top cute. You make my face hurt from all the smilin' and gigglin'. I don't know how you do so much. Amazing!!!

  16. I love your quilt and that witch is fantastic! Thank you!

  17. You are so talented. Love your quilts and many thanks for the pattern

  18. Your projects are so cute--especially like the cats and pumpkins!!

  19. These are both wonderful fun.
    BooTacular looks great in your outside setting, toilets and all. Love all the gorgeous fabrics.
    And your Witch Way is over the top perfect. Love the look on her face, too. You are such an amazing sewer!!! And now you are in to pattern writing as well. Will your talents never end.
    Congratulations on your fantastic quilts.

  20. Your generosity is only surpassed by your creepiness. Love what you've done and what you are offering with your links to everything. Keep up the terrifying work.

  21. Oh love BooTacular! And the toilet - haha! We used to have one in our backyard when I was growing up, and I keep saying one day I want to have the same in my garden :) Love it! xx


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