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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Stitch It and Gift It blog hop

Welcome to my day of the "Stitch It and Gift It" blog hop.
I'd like to give a big shout out to Carla, our hostess with the mostess.
Thanks to you, I'm ready to give.
And that's a great feeling!
I'm working a little backwards, for this hop.
You see, I was "gifted" a wonderful set of  "Tool Time" fabrics 
designed by Bernie, for "Blank Quilting".
(Her mother in law was at a quilt retreat with me a couple of years)
My retreat gals knew I would love these fabrics and they were not wrong.
While I was pondering what to do for this hop, I looked up and saw them
 on the shelf and...the rest is history, as they say.
Part of the line included a soft baby book.
Each page filled with bright and fun tool designs.
This became my starting point!
Next, I needed a baby quilt to go along with it.
Giving credit where credit is due,
Last month during the Nifty Novelties blog hop, 
"Quilted Delights" posted a quilt that was perfect for my project.
You can see that post
It's a great way to use all these fun fabrics.
I adapted it a bit, to use a border row of tool pouches.
Check out this backing print. It's a toss up what side I like best!
What a great gift for a new little guy...
...or girl, there will be no stereotyping here!
I was given a yard of each of these fabrics, so there was plenty left!
What to do, what to do???
Loving the tool border print, I made a tool bag.
I still have nightmares of stepping on Lego's in the middle of the night.
While this won't make anyone actually put them into it, 
it might make it more fun to do so, anyway!
But, there are buttons and drawstrings to close the bag. That isn't something 
you would want to give a baby, so....
...this is becoming a gift that keeps on growing with a child.
These burrito pillowcases are always a hit.
And so easy to make.
There are loads of free instructions online.
My favorite is
Of course the best way to show off these "tooling" fun prints, is with this sweet
"Funky Friends Factory" bear.
I love Pauline's adorable soft toys. 
Even if your not familiar with sewing soft toys, she's got tutorials and videos,
that walk you through the process.
Check it out 
I've got a great gift for that special someone, when I need it now.
Can you believe I still have some fabric left.
Not a lot of any of it, but I betting you can come up with some ideas
 of what to add to this.
This has sparked me and now I need to go shopping for something with pink in it.
(OK, so maybe I do stereotype just a little bit)
I like having "ready to gift" things on hand. What about you?
You will want to visit my fellow bloggers today and get a peek at their "gifty" ideas.
MooseStashQuilting  (your here)
For the complete schedule click
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. All of your projects are great! Love that tool fabric.

  2. Wow, how cute is the entire ensemble you created!!! That bear is really adorable and shows off the cute fabric perfectly!! Do you have enough fabric to make a simple 36" square to back with Minky to make a great tummy time/car seat quilt?

  3. You really got into this one!! So many projects from this great fabric. Love the choices you have made and how the fabric is used. I am really impressed with how well the fabrics work in the bear.
    Is there enough left for a backpack or diaper bag?
    My favourite ready to give gift, especially for new arrivals is the knitted monkeys that I make.

  4. Wow I am always stunned by how much Quilters can make out of very little fabric. They are all wonderful and I am sure some lucky person will love them all. I just love that fabric and our Youngest son would have loved them when he was little, he was very into Bob The Builder, hope you have seen that where you are. Hugs, Susie xx

  5. That's a amazing group of projects, and they'll all make wonderful gifts! You really utilized that fabric to its potential!

  6. Wow, Joan, this is amazing and gives me that stitching itch to skip work and go sew. Great ideas! Thank you for joining the hop!

  7. You totally made amazing use of that adorable fabric. I love the bag, the bear, and everything else! This will be a well loved gift for a boy or girl...staying gender neutral here. Thanks, Joan!

  8. That is quite the ensemble you created. Nice job!

  9. Wow, so many pretty items with adorable fabrics. I also love all of the bright colors.

  10. What wonderful gifts you have made, I especially love the bear, cuteness.

  11. Wow! You certainly made that fabric go a long way! All of these gifties are wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Man--you didn't hold back, did you?! I love these line of gifts ... from the book to the quilt (which I really like the design of, by the way) to the bag, the pillowcase and the teddy ... you covered all the bases! This would be a really sweet set up for a baby shower gift extraordinaire! Cute fabrics, too -- I'm going to have to find me some of that!! :)

  13. Everything you do is AMAZING! I love coming to your Blog. Thank you for sharing.

  14. You really made GREAT USE it off that fabric!!!

  15. As usual, you have out done yourself ... again ... amazing as that is ... this is the most wonderful ready to gift baby boy (or girl) bonanza ... ah, to be the lucky child ... thanks, Ms Joan, for your ever inspiring quilty blogging goodness ... :-) Pat

  16. I love all your cute tooltime projects! A few of my grandsons would be happy recipients of any of them. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Such a cute collection of gifts.

  18. I love all the cute things you made with the tool fabric. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  19. ooooh - I LOVE this fabric!!!! You made so many cute things too. So much inspiration in it, for sure.

  20. As the mom of 4 boys and grandma to 3 boys I love what you created with this fabric.

  21. That is an adorable fabric line. I think each one was superb. The one you used for the backing might be my favorite so I can understand why you might not know which side of the quilt to like the best. :)

  22. Amazing what one little fabric gift can turn into! I think maybe the bear is my favorite part, but all of it is absolutely great.

  23. I’m impressed with all your ideas that you made. It is amazing what you made from a few yards of fabric.

  24. Awesome fabrics, and all the different things you made are sweet.

  25. Wow, you went over and above, everything looks amazing

  26. You have been blessed with an amazing imagination and energy. I am simply in awe all the time with what you complete in what seems like a short time. Thanks for gathering everyone again for another blog hop. I enjoy them all.

  27. Lots of great projects! Thanks for sharing them.

  28. Awww, really cute gifts for some lucky little baby! Thanks for sharing them. I really love that toy bag idea!

  29. What an adorable gift set! You're very creative!

  30. Such a fabulous gift set! I aspire to be ahead of the game, with a couple quilts on hand to gift when my friends have babies, but I get distracted so easily...


  31. Love each and every one of your gift ideas. The fabrics you used are great. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  32. Wow, Joan you really made great use of that fabric. Such adorable gifts! I really loved them all especially that lego bag and the teddy. So stinking cute!!

  33. Wow, those ladies sure were right! So many great ideas. Really loving the quilt, and that bear is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Love it! You've made good use of the tool fabrics!

  35. You've made great use of that fabric! Such great projects! Love the bear and your quilt is awesome! It is a great pattern to show off those wonderful fabrics. Glad I was able to provide some inspiration!

  36. All of these items are so wonderful for a child but I really, really love the soft book. I think I will make something along most of these lines come the new year. Thanks so much, I really needed a new project for the new year HA

  37. Sorry, am just getting around to the last of the blogs who participated.... but WoW oh WoW, such cool fabric, I would have loved it also. Love that bag the most, but the pillowcases and the quilt are very cool. Love how you adapted the pattern.

  38. Oh wow!!! You've done so many cute projects with that fabric, amazing! Love them all :) xx

  39. what a colorful bear toy and bag you had created. Nice effort, You did for your kids? I hope your kids or baby will be happy with this nice bear toy. toys for boys


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