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Thursday, December 5, 2019

3-D Challenge with Island Batik

I'm wrapping up the year with our final challenge from "Island Batik".
This month the ambassadors were challenged with making a 3-D project.
This is "Vex Props".
67" x 70"
Can you guess why I felt this pattern was perfect for this challenge?
It  really was just met to be, wasn't it?

The pattern is from Quiltersclinic.com
She has the most incredible "Simplified" 3-D patterns and kits.
They look difficult, but it really aren't that hard to put together.
I was thrilled to use my black and gray solids. 
You have to look close, but there is a "smoke" colored fabric also,
that gives the 3-D look to the blocks as well.
Again, instead of cutting triangle pieces, I chose too paper piece it 
and not have to worry about dealing with the bias. 
It did make the quilt a little smaller than the original 82" x 99" 
if you went the traditional piecing way.

I used the triangle templates in the "Christmas Rapping" book
by Nan Barker and Margaret Brewster Willingham.
You can find more on the book 
Those triangle paper piecing templates have been worth their weight in gold!
It took over 100 pages of templates to complete this project and 
almost 10 yards of fabric just for the top, but whew, it was so worth it!
I started it in August and stitched the last of the binding down last month.
 I knew December was going to be a crazy time to get a project done, and I'm 
so glad I got on it when I did.

Do you remember this one
Make it Modern with Hobbs Challenge
This is when I became captivated with these designs.
Yes, I've got another one I'm chompin' at the bit to start, and a 
Christmas list of a few more!
(hint hint)
This is the final post for the 2019 Ambassador program.
I do hope you have enjoyed seeing my projects as much as I have enjoyed
making them.
The new year is shaping up to bring lots of new projects and some big laughs.
Coming Jan 1,  I will be hosting
It will be happening daily on Instagram,
 but I will have weekly wrap up posts right here.
You can follow me on Instagram, using the link on the right hand side bar.
Think about joining in. You can post any time you have a quilt or project
that will make us laugh.
Just use the hashtags
#365sillyholidays or #dailygigglefest

I will be participating in "Creatin' in the Sticks" Winter Blues blog hop.

I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting the "Quilt Qwazy Queens"
 2020 blog hop, with the help of Marian at "Seams to be Sew".
We are celebrating "International Quilt Day, by spreading a little joy 
through laughter in our quilts this year!
Put on your thinking caps, and I will have more information after the 
holidays to share with you on it.
Winky Winky!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. This is just awesome! I'm made a few small pieces with this method and it is a lot of work and concentration . All that b/w would give me a headache - or crossed eyes. Just beautiful.

  2. This is fantastic! I love the peiced background that goes with the shapes. Very cool!

  3. You really met the challenge. The background adds a second layer of depth to the quilt. I can not imagine having to remove that much paper though.

  4. WOW 3-D quilts always fascinate me.

  5. You never cease to amaze me...love it

  6. Oh Joan, this is just fantastic, captivating. Aren't you glad you started a long time ago;) I could just sit and stare at it all day long.

  7. This is all kinds of WONDERFUL!! What a beauty! Equilateral triangles are just SO versatile and quite frankly addictive, as I rediscovered...used them way back in the Stack n Whack à la Bethany Reynolds kaleidoscope days and in my November project. This--!! You rocked it!

  8. I love this so much. You are so amazing. I'm excited to join in on your hop next year and can't wait to see 365 silly holidays. Your sense of humor is so contagious. I can't wait.

  9. I echo each and every comment left on this post. You've done an amazing job, and your colour choices make the whole thing a stand-out. Take a bow on this one, Joan!!!

  10. Your quilt is mind-blowing!!! LOVE it!!!

  11. This is one amazing quilt! It is so perfect with the colors you choose. You do have a great year ahead! I feel some great and wonderful times coming up! 365 days of laughs will be the best - I will have to see if I can get some humorous projects in the queue!

  12. Oh wow - that's an incredible quilt! Just the thought of making it makes me need to go and lie down. Looks like you're planning another busy year.

  13. Great result and you met the challenge well. Still looks tricky to me!!!

  14. An amazing 3D project, love it!

  15. This is gorgeous! I missed the announcement about the winter hop...


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