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Monday, December 2, 2019

Virtual Cookie Exchange

I love this time of the year!
Especially when Carol from "Just Let Me Quilt" hosts her 
Virtual Cookie Exchange.
After all, virtual cookies may well be the only way to keep the calorie
 count down, during the holiday season!
 I'm sharing these absolutely decadent "Cheesecake" stuffed cookies.
You know...like a couple of chocolate chip cookies aren't enough calories!
You can find the recipe 
I have to admit...this time (oh ya...there have been others),
I cheated a bit and used a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough, 
 we bought from a school fundraiser.
I'm a lazy cook, and that is definitely the way to go.
Just slice it and roll it out nice and flat on wax paper. 
You add your cheesecake filling and top with another flat cookie.
You'll want to lightly pinch the edges together, but then you will carefully form it
into a ball. That's the important part.
You want them in a ball so they don't spread all over the cookie sheet.
 It takes a little practice, but you will be whipping them up quickly,
 before you know it! 
Probably too quickly for your hips and thighs!
What better way to gift these cookies, but in this fun holiday bucket...
...from the Wooden Bear Quilts Designs
I've had this book awhile now, but when I went to find it online,
 I was surprised to see it's on clearance for only $2.
If you want a copy...
you better grab it while you can
I bet they won't last long at that rate!
I used the tote bag/pillow pattern in the book to make this fun holiday throw!

I think my favorite AccuQuilt Go die, has to be rick-rac.
There is just to much you can do with it.
Check it out

A couple of years ago, someone shared a recipe for "thin mints"
 made with "Ritz" crackers.
I know I've asked before, but I can't remember who it was...
I just want to let you know, they are absolutely the bomb!
I made some for an "Elks" lodge fundraiser and a plate of 14 cookies sold for $35.
I made 6 plates of them, so it brought in over $200. Is that just too crazy???
Everyone loved them and what a great way to  support the community.

Now check out my fellow bloggers, for what's cookin' in their kitchen.
It could become your new all time favorite!
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til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Great looking cookies, bucket and quilt. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yummy cookies and I love your quilt so fun with the ginger cake men. Thanks for sharing

  3. I like the bucket and those hip adding cookies look so good.

  4. The finished cookies sprinkled with the sugar are so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is a cute, cute, cute gift basket! Love...

  6. Thanks for the heads up about the pattern book... I went right over and ordered four - three for gifts and one for myself. Your lap quilt and the bucket are both sew/so cute!

  7. Ohhhh... cookies filled with cheesecake, yummy! And I love the gingerbread people quilt with the minky dimple dot backing, looks so cozy.

  8. Oh my goodness, those cookies look yummy! They would be hard to stay away from! I love your tote bag and Christmas quilt, too. That die for the Accuquilt that makes the ric-rac shape is brilliant!

  9. Haha! We were cut from the same cloth this go around!! Fun stuff -- thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Oh my gosh, those cookies sound so good. I love anything related to chocolate chips or cheesecake...yum! I shared a Ritz mint recipe a few years ago (not sure that's where you got it) but they are amazing. I need to make them again. Your bucket and gingerbread quilt are adorable! Hmmm...I might just have to buy that rick rac die. I'm so glad you joined in the blog hop in spite of my YIKES moment. LOL xo

  11. Those gingerbread peeps are so cute! Love the rickrack.

  12. I love that Cookie Bucket and those gingerbread folks on the lap quilt are just so much fun.

  13. These cookies sound wonderful and I love your idea of using boughten dough. They are on my list to make this year. You scored when you got that book for $2!!!

  14. Such yummy cookies. I am going to put on so much weight if I make many of the recipes on this blog hop. Love the gift bag.

  15. Two of my favourites together. I look forward to trying this one.

  16. Love gingerbread men/ladies quilt (Too Cute) … as well as gingersnap cookies. The mint cookies sound like fun, but the recipe, teasing us & now we have to find it? Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  17. Thank you for the next 5 pounds on my tush!!! Chocolate chip cheesecake...my kind of insanity!!! Love the bucket...you can fill it with cookies and leave it at my door (I won't even mind if you do the doorbell ditch thing!!)!!!

  18. Super cute project and interesting looking cookies, too!

  19. Wow those cookies look and sound wonderful. Using pre made dough, I really don't always like you. Sometimes (like now) you are down right cruel. I'll wish you a Very Merry Christmas anyway. Hugs

  20. Your recipe looks good. Um cooking takes away from quilting, so shortcuts are always welcome. Cute bucket and the quilt too.

  21. I love that gingerbread quilt and the pretty bucket bag. Those cookies sound very decadent. I am sure that my husband would love them. Thanks for the recipe link. I will bake almost anything, but I don't like to actually do everyday cooking.

  22. What a cute Gingerbread Quilt and sweet fabric bucket to bring goodies to a party - and then gift the bag.

  23. Love seeing all the different recipes. You come up with great ideas.
    And I love seeing the extras. That is a great little bucket/bag. Was that tricky to make. And your little quilt is rather gorgeous, too. Love all the variations you create!

  24. You, my friend, are amazing. Look at all these Christmas goodies in one post. I'm going to have to come back later - I'm drooled all over my computer screen. Thanks for the recipe!

  25. Such a cute gingie quilt!! And I do love that bucket. I have used that pattern for gift giving as well. Thanks for sharing your easy way of making the cookies - easy is good!!

  26. Hi Joan! Holy moly. Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies. Seriously. Talk about finding a new favorite cookie. Yes! I'll be giving these a try this year, for shure. Cute holiday project, too. This basket is the bomb, especially if it held a batch of these cookies. YUM. ~smile~ Roseanne

  27. Oh goodness - cookies. A distant memory - but I have 19 lbs less to show for it, so I'm happy. I think I'll content myself with admiring the quilt version!

  28. Those are some decadent cookies! Can't wait to try them! Love your gingerbread girl quilt! So cute! Perfect fabric for your bag. Perfect gift bag for a batch of cookies!

  29. I too have the rick rack die, did a tutorial for them with it in Nov. How did you attach your rick rack, fusible and appliqued it on? We've been shopping in the same place I have that striped fabric you used in your bucket;)

  30. Thanks for sharing the link for those cookies. Oh, they look rich. lol Love that gingerbread quilt. May have to get that book.


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