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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Adventures of...Color it Red Blog Hop

Welcome to my day of the "Color It Red" blog hop.
When Carol announced this hop, all I could think, was...
I red read the book...now what do I do?
What way do I go, just where do I start...
Then I took this advise...Begin at the beginning
(no look of surprise on faces, I see)
 ...and go on till you come to the end: then Stop!
Yes I was down the rabbit hole, once I started on this 
PIG (project in grocery sack)!
It's been in that sack since 2015. Complete with the fabrics to use.
Why oh why, do things get so buried?
Blog hops help me get projects back on track...so thank you Carol.
"Down the Rabbit Hole"
This 49" x 52" quilt speaks to my soul.
 (Tells you a lot doesn't it?)
I'm an "Alice in Wonderland" junkie!
After all, who wouldn't fall in love with sweet little Alice.
So grab yourself a cuppa...
...unlock your imagination
and join the tea party!
Meet the Cheshire Cat,
 who tries to be logical and explain wonderland's craziness.
The Queen on Hearts who wants to behead everyone...
The very impolite, Mad Hatter who loves to frustrate.
White Rabbit, so focused on time.
 Caterpillar, who sit's on his mushroom and smokes from a hookah.
(a drug addict before his time)
The Knave of Spades
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
The Knave of Hearts...
They are all here, to play!

This fun pattern is from Angie Padilla. You can find it right
A big thanks to "Hobbs" for providing me with their 100% Wool batting.
I love the loft, a wool batting gives a project.

In skipping through "Wonderland", it reminded me, 
I started these cross stitch designs years ago.
My "White Rabbit", hasn't done a good job of reminding me of time, it seems...
...I do hope to get back to the "Wonderland" gang, soon!
If your a counted cross stitch lover, you can find these patterns from Brooks Books
along with loads of other incredible designs.
Cough cough...and no it's not from a Hookah, I may have the entire line of the
 "Wizard of Oz" to stitch, too!
On that note...
Thank you Carol for bringing out the RED in all of us!
Please visit my fellow bloggers today, and check out what's coloring their world RED.
February 19th

You can find the complete schedule for the hop
I do hope you have enjoyed my little trip through Wonderland.
Some day's I just don't want to grow up.
til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. I have an Alice in Wonderland pattern somewhere in my files. I love how yours turned out.

  2. OH MY!!!! I love that you pulled a UFO for the Hop and this is just over the top cute. I went to take a look at the cross stitch patterns and slapped my hands because I have a bookcase full of patterns/books yet to be touched.

  3. That quilt is so much fun - what a surprise you doing a fun quilt! It is good to get back to the piles.... I skipped this one due to quilt con, but you know what I will be doing in March!

  4. What a wonderful surprise! I enjoyed the journey. You told the story so well with a little mystery and intrigue! It's a beautiful quilt and you did an outstanding job on it.

  5. A perfect choice. This one really did need to be completed. It is so much you - and every quilter around. How is it we are all so easily distracted - no matter how often we tell ourselves to stick to one thing at a time.
    Love the quilt and all the characters.

  6. What a wonderful, beautiful quilt; so much fun! And your cross stitch is great too. I love the Alice in Wonderland theme of both projects.

  7. WOW! What a great quilt! I love all the characters and other blocks. Great work! The cross stitch piece looks great too. I used to cross stitch until I started quilting...of course, I still have tons on supplies and kits...

  8. I'm in love with this quilt and so glad you drug it out of that grocery sack for a finish. It's incredible! Every block makes me smile and brings back sweet memories of reading the book and watching the Disney movie. Thank you for sharing! xo

  9. I love this! What a fun quilt, those characters are adorable.

  10. Your "craziness" resonates with me....I've been an "Alice" junkie since I first read the book 60 years ago! Love your quilt----it's fantastic. I would love to make a similar quilt---just might!

  11. Everything about this world is from Wonderland. I love love Alice. Your applique is fabulous and the quilting is out of this world. Everyone of the blocks is so interesting, unique and whimsical.

  12. I love this! Each character is fabulous! I am glad it got out of the sack and finished for all to see. It is wonderful!

  13. I really enjoyed your trip in Wonderland. Your quilt is so fun. I love the cup section so much.

  14. Your Alice in Wonderland quilt is adorable! Such fun to look at. Congratulations on finishing it!

  15. I'm so glad you got this out of the sack and finished it for the hop. So much fun and so well done.

  16. This is so fabulous. So you. Very glad it got to the finish line for us all to see.

  17. Loved your trip through Wonderland! Makes me want to start my own! Thank you!

  18. I'm SOOOOOO not a Alice In W fan, always disliked that story intensely, but my sister loves it also like you do. This is a really nice quilt tho, I do like the design and the characters. I recognize the mouse from your post yesterday on FB... had no idea it was from Alice in W. :)

  19. I dropped in for a cup of Wonderland and got an eyeful of fun. Thanks so much for sharing both your humour, and your sensational character quilt.

  20. You just have this machine applique down to a science! Your work is always so fun to see:)

  21. Bits of red for the Hop sprinkled throughout your (now finished) project. Congratulations!

  22. Many Thanks for the fabulous trip through Wonderland! Love it - such a great project. Thanks for sharing all you do.

  23. What a good idea to get that project out and finish it. A beautiful finish.

  24. Wonderland extraordinaire. What a lovely quilt - I so loved all the images though Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum were perfect. Take crazy - I love it!

  25. It was supposed to say "Stay crazy" - :)

  26. Wow that turned out wonderful! Love the cross stitch too. So many great characters and done so well. Love the quilting too.

  27. Your happy quilt really made me smile! And you will be smiling too, now that this project is finally finished, great job.

  28. A fun post and delightful quilt! Well done on one less pig in your life :-)

  29. This is super fun! Alice and her friends look to be having a great time.

  30. Amazing. Your work is so beautiful and the design is just fabulous.

  31. What an absolutely marvelous quilt!!! I'm so glad you got it finished and participated in the Color It Red Blog Hop!!

  32. WONDERFUL Alice Quilt!! I too am a fan! Thanks SEW much for sharing your rabbit hole and bringing out that PIG!! Love it!

  33. If this isn't the cutest I just don't know what is! I Love your work. Thank you for sharing with us. Carol O.

  34. Just gorgeous and well worth the wait.

  35. What a fabulous post, I have not actually read Alice in Wonderland...please don't hurt me!!! Love love your quilt.

  36. WOW! Fantastic quilt! This must have taken you some time to complete. Your applique stitches and quilting are beautifully done. This will definitely be an heirloom!

  37. Fantastic quilt! You're on a roll with applique!!!

  38. Great quilt! You are the master of applique designs!

  39. This adorable little Alice in Wonderland quilt is the cutest thing I've seen yet in the Color it Red blog hop! My favorite block is the stacked tea cups! I feel like I am in Disneyland!

  40. I love, love, love it!!! I hope I actually DO it.


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