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Friday, March 27, 2020

Covid Preparedness

We've all see the outpouring of folks making masks
for the Covid-19 Pandemic that we are facing.
This is a pattern that was approved for a couple of our hospitals here.
Yes, we know they do not meet the CDC standards, but something 
is certainly better than nothing.
If they get used that's great, if not...
that's even better.

You can sign up and find information for your area at
"Operation We Can Sew It"
With the help of a friend we have churned out 72 for a local hospital, 
along with 12 for a medical clinic and 20 for a concrete company.
To date, I've made 216 yards of bias tape
Man, that's a lot of bias tape.
My youngest jumped in and did a considerable amount of marking for pleats for me,
 before he booted me off my machine so he could play!

But then...we got to thinking about my special "stash" of 
Alexander Henry fabrics!
Even during a Pandemic, you need a little humor.
Just a little strategic fussy cutting...

and well, lets just say, we've had some fun with these!

"Sew" keep safe, wash your hands and hunker down for a few weeks.
We Can Sew It 
We Can Do It too!

til next time...
Keep on Stitchin'


  1. Love your sense of humour ... specific cuts with face masks! Many thanks for all you do Joan & family.
    Keep on creating & sharing!

  2. Funny runs in the family, so glad to see. Great job on the masks. I've done a few with elastic. Thanks for the links without using it.

  3. Hah! Those fabrics are so awesome. The people who wear these masks will definitely have a little giggle.

  4. Well done getting all these done. Both you and your son! And thank you for getting some humour into the mix, too.

  5. Thank you! These will surely make them smile during these difficult times. You are an angel.

  6. Of course you would have this perfect fabric for this! Nice work...this week, I'm using up a bunch of bits to make some .... not that interesting though but they will work!

  7. These are so great. Thanks for the info. My daughter needs one for work and I will have to get busy for all. I think everyone will be wearing for awhile...


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